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90: What Is the "Art of Business?"

creative entrepreneurship Oct 12, 2023
Bonnie Christine Shares How to Do Business Artfully

As we prepare for our upcoming conference Immersion Live—centered around this very concept—I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts on what the art of business means for professional creatives. Because the art of business goes beyond simply making money from your craft—It's about finding that delicate balance between your creativity and the business side of your brain.

As a professional creative, you not only need to master your art, but also understand how to monetize it, market it, and manage the business sustainably. Throughout this episode, we'll explore the challenges many creatives face when it comes to the business side of their endeavors and how to embrace the art of doing business so you can position yourself for success without compromising your creative life.

"I think that entrepreneurship is creative. I actually think it's much like creating art."

Join Us for Immersion Live

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The Four Components to the Art of Business

  • Strategy: Determine how can your business support you.
  • Integrity: for your art and craft to maintain the quality of what you create while building your business. 
  • Networking: Build meaningful connections with other people in your industry. 
  • Continuous Learning: Learning, adapting, and teaching as you go helps you continue to progress. 

Episodes Featuring Keynote Speakers from Immersion Live

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