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Episode 28: Two Weeks Notice with Amy Porterfield

business creative entrepreneurship mindset Feb 09, 2023
Two Weeks Notice Featuring Amy Porterfield on the Professional Creative Podcast with Bonnie Christine

When Amy Porterfield and I started out on our respective entrepreneurial journeys, we didn’t have a framework or path to follow—so we created it for ourselves.

In this episode, I’m joined by Amy Porterfield to talk about her new book Two Weeks Notice.

Amy is on a mission to guide new entrepreneurs and walk them step by step through building a business, and her new book is required reading to help you do just that. Listen as we discuss how Amy left the corporate world behind, what she’s learned along the way, and some of the key steps from her journey you can start applying to your own business today.

Do it scared, do it confused, do it anyway.
Action creates clarity.
You will find your way...
but you will never find your way
if you don't get started.

—Amy Porterfield

 Discussed in this episode:

  • It’s common to think you have to be so far ahead to make an impact but you just need the 10% edge—10% ahead of those you serve.
  • You don’t need the perfect idea, just a starter idea—The idea to get your feet wet and get your business started. Remember that action creates clarity.
  • Many of us experience imposter syndrome and look for evidence our idea won’t work, but you just need a tiny sliver of proof.
  • You must be intentional with who you tell your ideas to, but seek accountability partners in those you do trust.
  • Create weekly original content (such as blog, podcast, or weekly video/live) to attract an audience and grow your email list.
  • Growing your email list is essential and you can’t start soon enough.
  • You don’t own social media, but you do own your email list and you can share your weekly content with them to keep them engaged.
  • Batch work allows you to focus on one project at a time so you’re not pulled in a million directions. Batching increases the impact and efficiency of the work you’re doing and allows you to be consistent.

Meet Amy Porterfield:

13 years ago Amy Porterfield found herself sitting in a boardroom with all men…and all making their own rules and harnessing the power of digital marketing to build businesses that allowed them the freedom to live as few can. It was at this moment that she realized there was another way…A way out of stuffy boardrooms and cramped cubicles and into cozy slippers and a self-led schedule (slow mornings anyone?). A way to sidestep being overlooked and overworked and step into being her own boss. 

That moment changed everything and catapulted Amy onto a path that’s led her to a place where she’s now the one teaching others how to build an online business that fuels their wildest dreams. Known for her actionable, fluff-free approach to teaching and a philosophy centered on going before her students so that everything she shares is proven to work, Amy stands apart from other educators in the online marketing space.

Why Amy wrote Two Week’s Notice:

"In an age where only 20% of people are passionate about their jobs, I feel like this book is what we need to create massive change in the lives of many. I wrote this book for the person feeling stuck, dissatisfied, and yearning to live and work on their own terms. I know this person because I was this person. I’m so excited and ready to share my story with the world to help them expand what’s possible and profit from doing what they love."

From the episode:

I wrote the book because [Bonnie]  and I didn't have a framework. And we struggled in the beginning—and there could have been a time that we turned around and went back to our nine to five job because it wasn't working. Thank God you and I didn't do that—but it could have happened. 

So I want to step in and say, “No, no, no, we're gonna make this work, and we're gonna do it together, and give you the exact roadmap of how to create a business starting from scratch.” It's the foundational pieces that everyone needs to know. So that's why I wrote the book.

—Amy Porterfield



Review of the week:


Bonnie is such a light to the creative world!

Thank you so much, Bonnie, for being the kind of creative who not only takes us through your journey but encourages us to feel confident about our own journey. Knowing that you’ve encountered so many obstacles and continue to push forward to pursue your dreams is so inspiring. You have such a way of sharing your story all along the way as you teach others with such a giving heart for others to bloom. I appreciate learning from you through this podcast and other avenues as well. Now that I’ve finally found clarity in how I want to use my skills to impact the world, I value your insight and the ways you seek to plant so many beautiful seeds to create a lush garden of creativity for other artists to flourish.


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