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87: How to Attend a Virtual Event

community mindset Oct 03, 2023

With the shift to more online events, I’m sharing my top tips for how to squeeze every last drop of value from a virtual event. We've all signed up for a virtual event only to find ourselves distracted, multitasking, or just not engaged. In this episode, I’ll talk about how to really fully prepare and immerse yourself in a virtual event and how to make it as enriching and beneficial as if you were there in person. So, whether you're looking to network, learn, or simply have a good time, this episode will be your ultimate guide to making the most of your next virtual gathering.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of pre-event planning: Be sure to set clear intentions,  establish goals and questions you want to get answered, and do a tech check to ensure your equipment is working properly. 
  • It's crucial to block off the time exclusively for the event—so nothing can pull you away or pop up on your calendar.
  • Physical and emotional preparation: Attend as if you were physically present and fully immerse yourself in the experience. Set the stage by preparing your space, making it clean, tidy, and well-organized.
  • Create the ideal environment: Think about ambiance with elements like candles, fresh flowers, or inspiring visuals to enhance the experience to signal to yourself that this is not only a business investment, but an investment in your personal well being too.

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