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78: How to Set and Enforce Boundaries in Your Business Featuring Lisa Jacobs

business management Aug 24, 2023
How to Set and Enforce Boundaries in Your Business Featuring Lisa Jacobs

We all know that as creatives, we pour our hearts and souls into our work, and sometimes we come across difficult people or situations that can really impact our business in a negative way. In this episode, I’m joined by my integrator Lisa Jacobs to talk about a challenging but important topic: setting and enforcing boundaries in your business. Lisa and I have some strategies and systems in place that can help you handle these situations with grace and confidence.

We'll guide you through the process of establishing clear boundaries and creating a structure for your business to handle these emotional situations. We want you to feel empowered and prepared so that you can continue doing the work you love without fear holding you back. We understand the vulnerability that comes with being a creative entrepreneur, but we also believe in your ability to protect your precious work and deal with these challenges head-on. So take a deep breath, and join us as we share our step-by-step plan to help you navigate difficult people and situations in your business.

Discussed in this episode

  • The importance of setting boundaries in business when dealing with difficult people and situations.
  • Strategies for handling difficult comments or feedback in a non-emotional manner.
  • The impact of difficult interactions on business operations and personal confidence.
  • How to establish systems and boundaries to address challenging situations effectively.
  • The empowerment that comes from having clear boundaries and being prepared for difficult encounters.

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I seriously cannot say enough good things about Bonnie Christine and the invaluable resources and insight that she offers. This podcast is GOLD. It’s the only Podcast I binge (and that includes any true crime series!). Every episode is packed with so much wisdom for creative entrepreneurs, and I’m thankful to be reaping the benefits of Bonnie answering her calling. ๐Ÿ’–



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