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Episode 13: Stuck in the Daily Scramble

business creative entrepreneurship goal-setting Dec 13, 2022
Daily Scramble and Exploding Star with Lisa Jacobs

Though we might not have had a name for it, we’ve all felt the daily scramble in our lives and businesses—frantically filling our time, figuring out what to do next. In this episode, you’ll meet the Integrator for Team Bonnie, Lisa Jacobs. In this episode, she’ll explain two key concepts that will help you change the way you work: the daily scramble and the exploding star. Join us for a conversation as we explore the impact of circling and the importance of setting a landmark to avoid the daily scramble. And be sure to join us next time in Episode 14, when we’ll talk about how to leverage a simple system that becomes the cure for managing your creative energy and the instinctual daily scramble.

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Discussed in this episode:

  • Our creative energy and workflow and what that looks like in the day-to-day
  • How to identify when you’re circling
  • Why you need to schedule exercise of change + big leaps
  • The daily scramble:
  • It’s important to set a landmark—you need to know where you’re going.
  • How does this apply to the day-to-day? THE MANY HATS YOU WEAR. Without the goal front and center, you’ll easily fall right back into the old habits and outworn patterns. You’ll wake up today, and wonder what you have to do today to begin.
  • The entrepreneur vs. employee mentality

Resources & Links

Meet Lisa Jacobs | Website | Etsy | Your Best Year

As Integrator for Team Bonnie, Lisa Jacobs oversees business operations and helps lead the team. Renowned for providing crystal-clear solutions to clients while growing profitability, promoting business sustainability and enterprise-level growth, Lisa prides herself on delivering exceptional quality and innovation that drive our company initiatives forward!


Review of the week:


So helpful for building a business!

So much inspiration, insight, and advice in regards to goal-setting and action-taking — for the artist! It’s authentic and vulnerable, and all the more motivating for that.


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