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Episode 7: The Power of Creative Truths

affirmations creative inspiration truths Nov 22, 2022

 The Power of Creative Truths

In Episode 6, I shared a few affirmations I live by as an artist and educator, and in this episode we’re going to do a deeper dive with 25 affirmations I read to myself every day. While some of these practices can be difficult, the creative truths shared in this episode are ones I have come back to again and again.

I am a creative soul. 

Download the Creative Affirmations Menu and pick and choose to create your own. Print them off and reference them as needed each day!


Discussed in this episode:

  • Self-affirmation theory—The truths we proclaim impact how we perceive our entire lives. 
  • Having printed affirmations you can reference can set your intention for the day so you have clarity and purpose. Try doing this 30 days in a row and see what changes for you.
  • My 25 creative affirmations—These are reminders of things I know to be true, as well as things I am working on changing my mindset around. (Find these and more in the free download included with this episode!)

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Review of the week:

Serious business advice, delivered with a kind heart

I first found Bonnie on Skillshare in 2018. I took her Immersion course to learn Illustrator and surface pattern design in 2019. Her podcast feels like a natural extension of that work as she explores her passion for teaching creatives how to dream big and reach their goals through positive mindset shifts and consist hard work. This podcast feels like having a heart-to-heart conversation with a best friend…but, maybe take notes.

Kristin @BirdStarStudio


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