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Episode 6: Creative or Educator?

business creative educator creative entrepreneurship mindset teaching Nov 17, 2022

Do you have to choose between being a creative or being an educator?

In this episode of the Professional Creative podcast, we're talking about being a creative or being an educator, and why I don't think you have to choose between the two. I'll be answering questions like, How do you manage the different roles of teacher and artists to find space and energy for both? Do you think it's possible to become as financially comfortable without teaching? Which role is your favorite and why? From there I’ll share my own path to becoming an educator and how you can embark on your own with questions and next steps for you to get started.

“We all have things that come very naturally to us that oftentimes can be life changing to others.”

Discussed in this episode:

  • 3 affirmations I live by as an artist AND educator.
  • My path to becoming an educator (despite never having set out to teach).
  • How being an educator helps you perfect your craft and increase your purpose.
  • The cycle of learning, implementing, and teaching.
  • 5 questions to ask yourself if you’re not sure what you’d teach and 5 steps to take once you’ve answered them.
  • Ways to get started as an educator.

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Review of the week:

Can't happen soon enough!

Bonnie’s teaching is above and beyond any other. She has a lovely calming spirit and is a wealth of knowledge. I can’t wait! 🤗



  • What’s something you could teach to others, and how can you start today—even with just one person?

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