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35: Are You a Boundary Breaker? How to Set Limits to Protect Your Creativity

business business management business planning Mar 23, 2023
 Are You a Boundary Breaker? How to Set Limits to Protect Your Creativity | The Professional Creative with Bonnie Christine

In this episode of the Professional Creative, we're talking about the importance of setting boundaries in your business, and the three different types of boundaries you need to set around checking in, what you say yes to, and receiving feedback. It's easy to become emotionally attached to your business, which can cause you to check in too often and miss out on precious time in your personal life, say yes to too many of the wrong things leading to burnout, as well as feel hurt by any negative feedback. In this episode, we’ll discuss key strategies for maintaining healthy boundaries in your business so you can continue to do the work you love.

 Discussed in this episode:

  • Setting boundaries around how often you check in on your business will help you avoid burnout and make sure that you build in time to do the things that you love in your life that are not related to work.
  • When we first start our businesses, we understandably say yes to a lot of things. But as we grow, saying yes to too many things becomes reactive when we need to be proactive. Have your annual, weekly, and daily plans in mind and be sure what you’re saying yes to fits in with that and batch accordingly.
  • Having a buffer between yourself and negative feedback can help manage the sense of vulnerability and fear you might experience.
  • Remember, what you have to offer is important and setting boundaries can help you protect your mental health while still growing your business.



Review of the week:




I love listening to all the wisdom that Bonnie Christine has to share. Her charming and happy energy is contagious. I can see how happy it makes her help others thrive, and I'm blessed to have the opportunity to listen to her podcast and do her free courses! I highly recommend this podcast to everyone with a creative soul that wants to share it with the world.



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