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Episode 17: Strategic Planning for the Professional Creative

business creative entrepreneurship goal-setting Jan 03, 2023
Strategic Planning for the Professional Creative with Bonnie Christine

As we start a new year, it’s the perfect time to focus on strategic planning in your business—which will go hand-in-hand with our next episode 18 on annual planning. In this episode, I’ll take you through how we do strategic planning in our company, along with 5 things that worked for us and 5 things that didn’t in 2022.

We'll decide the destination now and we'll figure out the route later.

Download the companion workbook to this episode: Strategic Planning for the Professional Creative


Breaking down a strategic plan:

  • A strategic plan creates a snapshot of what’s working, what’s not working, and where you’re heading
  • Start by identifying product or offer details.
  • Reflect on what’s working and what didn’t work.
  • Take a snapshot of your team
  • Explore outsourcing
  • Be a visionary and look ahead
  • Set SMARTER goals
  • Consider new ideas
  • Plus what worked and what didn’t in our company in 2022 (with resources below).

 Don’t miss our upcoming episode with Lisa Jacobs on annual planning, coming soon!

Links & Resources:


Review of the week:


 Hooray for Bonnie!

Love the honesty and practicality Bonnie shares—please keep the podcasts coming, they are already helping me and my small biz greatly!



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