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147: Mini Series: Teach What You Know Part 1 - Overcoming the Naysayers

education teach what you know teaching Jun 20, 2024

Welcome to today's episode! If you're a creative, you've likely mastered your craft through countless hours of dedication, experimentation, and practice. But have you ever considered sharing that expertise with others? Today, we're diving into why I believe that as creatives, we should also embrace the role of educators. Teaching what we know isn't just about imparting skills; it's about empowering others, giving back to our community, and enriching our own professional journeys.

Many creatives hesitate when it comes to teaching. There's a common fear of being judged or not being taken seriously. The term "selling out" gets thrown around, implying that turning to education somehow tarnishes the purity of our work. But let's shift that mindset. Sharing our knowledge is not about diluting our craft; it's about spreading the passion and expertise we've cultivated. It's our responsibility to contribute to the growth of our industry and uplift fellow creatives.

The benefits of teaching your craft are profound and in this episode, you’ll learn ten reasons why you should consider teaching what you know. I encourage you to take the leap. The rewards, both personal and professional, are well worth it. 

Teaching is not selling-out. It’s not abandoning your craft. It’s a way to go deeper with it. It’s a way to expand it. It’s a way to share your passion, help others, and inspire others.

 Discussed in this episode:

  1. Why all creatives should embrace education
  2. Ten reasons why educating others can benefit your personal and professional life
  3. How your skills can improve in addition to the skills of others

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