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150: Mini Series: Teach What You Know Part 4 - How to Create Revenue Streams

revenue streams teach what you know teaching Jul 02, 2024

Welcome to today's episode, where we discuss ten ways to monetize your knowledge. If you’ve ever wondered how to turn your expertise into income, you’re in the right place. We’re diving into ten different strategies to monetize what you know, adding an educational component to your business in impactful and profitable ways.

I’ll share my personal experiences with these models and explore how the knowledge industry can benefit both learners and you as an educator. Whether you're looking to diversify your revenue streams or make a meaningful impact on your community, this episode is packed with insights and practical tips to help you get started.

  1. Online course
  2. Live workshops
  3. Membership site or subscription
  4. Coaching and consulting
  5. eBooks and guides
  6. Speaking engagements
  7. Affiliate marketing
  8. YouTube channel
  9. Corporate training programs
  10. Licensing your content
Online learning is the fastest growing market in the education industry. It has grown 900% since its creation. But the number of online learners is expected to reach 1 billion by 2029.

 Discussed in this episode:

  1. Different ways to monetize your knowledge
  2. How impactful an education revenue stream can be for you and your business
  3. Things you may not have considered to create new streams of income

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