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111: Mindset of Dreaming to Doing

goal-setting mindset Jan 16, 2024
Mindset of Dreaming to Doing With Bonnie Christine on the Professional Creative

Today, we're diving deep into the powerful realm of mindset. You know, when we're on the path to our goals, there are these hurdles that can slow us down, those pesky roadblocks between dreaming and taking action. Mindset is kind of a buzzword right now, but it's more than that. It's about the beliefs we hold about ourselves and the way we think. And we can change them. In this episode, you’ll learn the psychology behind mindset shifts, explore how it guides us through life and transforms the way we approach our goals. From the dreamer mindset to the doer mindset, we're unraveling different strategies to overcome challenges, ditch self-sabotaging thoughts, and confidently step out of that comfort zone. Stick around as I share tips on building resilience through a series of tiny steps and continuous growth.

Growth and comfort cannot coexist.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The importance of mindset in achieving goals
  • Why celebrating early wins reinforces belief in one's ability to succeed
  • How to cultivate a doer's mindset through journaling and setting actionable goals

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