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110: How to Set Goals

goal-setting tools and resources Jan 11, 2024
How to Set Goals With Bonnie Christine on the Professional Creative

There is just something about January energy that gets me hyped up for goal setting! In today's episode, I'm sharing the journey of how I evolved from a dreamer to a dedicated student of time management with a colossal goal in my sights. I get it – those big dreams can be overwhelming, and I've been there, paralyzed by the enormity of it all. But guess what? Big goals are absolutely achievable, and I'm here to guide you through the transformative journey that turned my business around. It's all about putting those dreams on paper, giving them the life they need, and crafting a plan that propels you forward. From the major milestones to the seemingly small daily tasks, you’ll learn the steps you need to focus on and conquer your loftiest goals. Ready to turn those dreams into reality? Grab your goal-setting worksheet and follow along at professionalcreative.com. Let's dive in and make those dreams happen!

Anything you want in this world you can make happen
as long as you have a plan to get there.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to set an achievable lofty goal
  • The steps to take in giving your goals life
  • What to do to keep the momentum moving 


Review of the week: 


Quick Disclosure: This post may include some affiliate links which means that if you click the link to purchase something on this page, it won't cost you more but I may receive a commission for sharing this with you. Which is great, because I was going to share it with you anyway!

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