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81: EA vs VA - 2 Months Out of the Inbox

delegation hiring Sep 12, 2023

As a successful entrepreneur, having an EA has become an essential part of my business. But what is the difference between a VA and an EA? In this episode, I'll demystify these acronyms and explain the unique roles each one plays in a business. I'll share how my EA has taken ownership of my calendar, managing meetings, and coordinating with others—giving me the freedom to focus on what only I can do.

Trust and communication are key in a successful relationship with an EA, and I'll provide tips on how to establish that trust and create an ideal week to streamline the process. I'll also discuss the challenges and breakthroughs of handing off inbox management to my EA, allowing me to reclaim my time and prioritize my personal inbox. If you're considering transitioning from a VA to an EA, or simply curious about the behind-the-scenes of working with an EA, this episode is for you.

Curious about hiring an EA?

Download my Ideal Week worksheet and the EA Mega Doc below!

Discussed in this episode

  • What are a VA and EA?
    • VA (Virtual Assistant): Handles mainly online tasks such as managing emails, website updates, and scheduling social media alongside specialized skilss such as content creation, graphic design, or even SEO. They often work on a flexible schedule, perfect for tasks that don't require strict 9-5 attention.
    • EA (Executive Assistant): The righthand to an entrepreneur thinking two steps ahead handling tasks such as calendar ownership, personal inbox management, and arranging travel.
  • When to hire a VA and EA:
    • VA: Best for when you're starting out, especially if your needs are sporadic and predominantly digital.
    • EA: Ideal for when your business scales, and you need consistent, daily support to manage growing responsibilities.
  • Determining your ideal week: My EA has ownership of my calendar and is able to slot things according to my ideal week so that there's a logical flow to my days. We also sync daily to go over questions and tasks. 
  • My Inbox Folder System:

πŸ’Œ Primary - Personally Respond

πŸ“© To Respond

πŸ€”To Be Reviewed

βœ”οΈ Responded To

⏳ To Wait On

🧾 Receipts and Financial Information

πŸ“¦ Orders

Links & Resources


Review of the week:


LOVE!!! Always encouraging and inspiring!

Bonnie, I took Immersion 2021 and have been listening to your teaching ever since. I adore you! Your voice is so soothing and I always come away inspired!! Your humility and transparency make you a phenomenal mentor. I see the Lord all the time in the wisdom you share and your inspiring gentle spirit....I am delighted to be able to hear you weekly via this podcast. You have opened my eyes to so many things I want to pursue!! Thank you for being a blessing, you have played a key role in the revival of the dreams in my heart.



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