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79: Your House Your Rules

boundaries marketing Aug 29, 2023
Surface Pattern Designer Bonnie Christine on the Professional Creative

In the realm of business and marketing, there's a powerful dance between attraction and repulsion. This delicate balance ensures that as an entrepreneur, you're not only drawing the right people towards you but also warding off those who may not align with your mission.

The Power of Attraction and Repulsion

Think of marketing as being a magnet. A well-executed strategy not only attracts but also repels. And that's okay. If everyone loves what you're doing, then you might just be playing it too safe. Being 'lukewarm' in marketing equates to being forgettable. Your ultimate aim? To create lifetime, loyal followers. And, as I shared in the podcast episode, this process naturally means repelling certain individuals.

Dealing with Negative Feedback

As you venture further into your entrepreneurial journey, you'll undoubtedly encounter negative comments or criticism. Some might sting more than others. But remember, each piece of feedback, whether positive or negative, is a testament to your visibility and impact.

The most important takeaway? Don't let fear of criticism hold you back.

Receiving feedback means you're doing something worthy.
It signifies that you're showing up and making a mark.

Establishing Boundaries

Building on our previous discussion with Lisa Jacobs in Episode 78, it's crucial to set and maintain boundaries in business. This not only applies to your professional interactions but also to how you handle online feedback. Define your own rules and remember:

Your house, your rules. You built this house brick by brick, stick by stick. No one gets to write the rules except for you.

Words of Encouragement

It's easy to get disheartened when faced with criticism. But there are some perspectives that can help:

  • Most criticisms come from individuals who haven't been in your shoes. Remember the golden wisdom: "You will never be criticized by someone more successful than you."

  • Everyone won't like what you do. And that's perfectly okay.


The Larger Picture

Ultimately, the essence of the entrepreneurial journey is about showing up, being authentic, and making a difference. While there might be one critic, there are hundreds who need your insights, your stories, and your lessons.

In conclusion, as I always say, "create the beauty that you want to see come alive in the world."


Review of the week: 


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