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71: Perks & Benefits: A Look Inside the Team Bonnie Handbook

business management hiring systems and processes Aug 01, 2023
Perks & Benefits: A Look Inside the Team Bonnie Handbook

Come take a peek inside the Team Bonnie Handbook! Today we'll dive into the value of workplace benefits and how they shape an organization's culture, using our very own team benefits as an example. We discuss everything from 401k plans to paid time off, parental leave, and unique perks like health and wellness budgets, revealing how these aspects significantly contribute to employee engagement and job satisfaction. We'll also decode the difference between perks and benefits, ensuring you're well-equipped to negotiate your compensation package in your next role. Whether you're a leader, an employee, or a job seeker, this episode has insights for you. Tune in and elevate your workplace understanding!

Episode Highlights:

  • The difference between “perks” and “benefits”: They are both advantages provided to an employee beyond regular salary and wages. 
    • Benefits are non-wage compensation such as health insurance, paid time off, and retirement that directly impact quality of life.
    • Perks: Extra advantages and bonuses specific  to your company and your team—like the icing on the cake!
  • How I created the Team Handbook: As our team grew, we needed more clarity for our team to know what we offered. I created this on my own and unveiled it at our Team Retreat. I surveyed the team in advance and did my own research to create the handbook.
  • Why I created the Team Handbook: It can boost morale, creativity, team culture, loyalty, retention, and work-life balance. 
  • Team Bonnie Benefits include 401K with matching, paid time off, paid holidays (including birthdays!), sick/mental health/wellbeing time, paid maternity leave, paid sabbatical and more.
  • Team Bonnie Perks are designed to support our team values and make the team’s time worthwhile. These include an equipment budget, Internet stipend, health and wellness budget, house cleaning stipend, learning and development budget, flexible and summer hours, charitable contributions, and more.
  • Creating Your Own Team Handbook: Identify team needs and preferences, your  company values. Evaluate your company’s budget and capacity to determine what you can implement. Start small as needed and create a process and plan. Be sure to regularly review and get feedback.

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Review of the week: 

I’ve listened to all 70 episodes!

I have listened to every episode of Bonnie Christine’s podcast. I have enjoyed every single one. Different lessons learned; whether its business, creativity, health, mindset and so much more. I have felt her true heart going into all of the episodes. Thank you for taking on one more hat!

—Cindy from North Texas


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