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51: Letting Go - 50 Tasks You Should Be Delegating Right Now

business management business planning hiring May 18, 2023
Letting Go - 50 Tasks You Should Be Delegating Right Now with Bonnie Christine | The Professional Creative Podcast

In today's podcast episode, I'm opening up about the magic of delegation & how it's transformed my business and work-life balance. I reveal the first 10 tasks I delegated to help my business soar, and trust me, it's been a game changer! Listen in for ways you can begin to delegate in your life and business, and download my list of 50 tasks to delegate below.

I know that you cannot get to where you are going by doing everything yourself.

Download my 50 Tasks to Free Up Your Time and Grow Your Business

Not sure where to start or what to delegate? Use this list to get your wheels turning!


Discussed in this episode:

  • It’s important to be open minded when it comes to delegation, because letting go is not easy.
  • Why delegation is so hard - and the many hats we wear.
  • Action steps for starting to delegate tasks in your business.

Resources & Links

Featured resource: Convertkit - 14 Day Free Trial

ConvertKit is the email marketing platform built by creators for creators. With ConvertKit, you can easily create and send beautiful personalized emails that your subscribers are not only going to open but also love. They have a drag and drop email editor that makes it easy to design emails that look and feel professional without any coding. Plus, their powerful automation tools make it easy to send the right message to the right person at the right time. To learn more, go to bonniechristine.com/resources.


Review of the week: 


I have love listening to Bonnie! This podcast is both empowering & encouraging!

—true cotton


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