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Episode 4: A Map To Success & Dose Of Rejection

creative entrepreneurship goal-setting mindset Nov 14, 2022
A Map to Success & Dose of Rejection

Are you ready to map out your path to success?

If you are listening to this episode, you are likely an achiever. But maybe you struggle with the right things to get done. If we’re able to choose the right things, we can make considerable progress on our goals. Successful people practice deep thinking to find clarity and purpose. In this episode, you’re invited to come alongside me as I map out the story of my own success and invite you to map your own.

We’ll talk about how to schedule vision-storming sessions for deep thinking and all the key components for mapping your own unique success path including our big goals and the milestones, rewards, and even setbacks to plan for along the way. 

You don’t need anyone’s permission.
You just need a plan.

This episode includes a printable map to success for you to download and complete. Download it here and follow along!

↓ Download Your Path to Success 

Discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of clarity in finding success
  • The practice of deep thinking & scheduling vision storming sessions
  • Deep thinking doesn’t happen by accident. We have to make the time for it.
  • The map: The map includes six stages—each with two milestones, eight action items, and one reward. In this episode I walk you through my own path step-by-step. 
  • The Path to Success: Your path is unique to you. It’s important for you to define what success looks like for you and create a map that will help you find it. 
  • The goal: Get specific to increase your performance and chance of success. It should be clear, measurable, and actionable.
  • The future: What is your calling, the big boulder, the goal? We can work backwards from the future to identify the skills needed and work towards getting them.
  • The rewards: Each stage includes building in a reward. It can be simple, but it will help you mark and celebrate your progress!
  • The loops: A designation of failures, unplanned events, and obstacles. Don’t fall off at the failure–keep going!
  • Get support: Consider showing your map to the people you want supporting you.
  • Daily action: Throughout this journey, be sure to take daily action (big or small) to make this goal come true.

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Review of the week:

 “So excited for this!!! I bought Bonnie's class I think about a year or two ago and it really has propelled my career. So excited to hear her on a consistent basis on this new podcast. Counting down the days until a new episode.”

Jemma Morris, LouLouArtStudio


Now that you’ve mapped out your path, what’s one reward that is going to motivate you along the way? 

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