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Episode 5: “I did it.”

business creative entrepreneurship mindset Nov 14, 2022

How deleting doubt can change everything

Do you ever wish that you could just delete doubt? I certainly do. Doubt comes up a lot in the creative industry. As a creative entrepreneur, you will experience doubt too—because being a means that our success is directly related to how good of an idea we have. But doubt can’t stop us. In this episode, we’ll talk about how you push through doubt and fear to the other side—success.

Oftentimes we try to wait in order to do something until we're not afraid.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The connection between doubt and fear.
  • Confidence is the opposite of doubt. So to delete the doubt you must increase your confidence.
  • The story of my daughter’s ear piercing and how confidence is born
  • How difficult things expand our capacity and endurance
  • How self talk relates to confidence


Review of the week:

So excited for this!

I bought Bonnie’s class I think about a year or two ago and it really has propelled my career. So excited to hear her on a consistent basis on this new podcast. Counting down the days until a new episode.

—Jemma Morris, LouLouArtStudio

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