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Episode 33: The Love Squad: A Guide to Seasonal Support in Your Business

business management creative entrepreneurship hiring Mar 16, 2023
Scaling Up With Love: Mastering Seasonal Support for Your Business on the Professional Creative with Bonnie Christine

In this episode, I’m sharing my experience with managing a business that experiences a significant increase in demand for a short period of time each year while we offer our signature course Surface Design Immersion. With hundreds of students learning Adobe Illustrator, providing support requires technical expertise and support provided in a timely manner—more than one person can handle. After three years of bringing in a seasonal support team I call the Love Squad I’m sharing the behind the scenes of what it takes to hire and manage a seasonal support team to help deliver a world-class customer experience. 

Be sure to download our free seasonal hiring guide to recruit, manage, and support a team of experts to help you handle busy periods with ease.

"The Love Squad: A Guide to Seasonal Support in Your Business" — Learn how to recruit, manage, and support a team of experts to help with seasonal demand in your business with this free download.

discussed in this episode

  • Having seasonal support ensures that the core team can continue their daily tasks while also meeting the increased needs of our students and customers
  • Providing international support ensures coverage across time zones
  • Our students fall in love with our love squad (and rightly so), and we bring them into the entire experience through live calls, extra team tasks, and extending top tier support on a rotating basis throughout the year for our alumni membership
  • We’ve expanded with a seasonal support team of rotating community managers. Rather than fulfilling this role with one person, our rotating managers bring fresh perspective, feedback, and engagement for our students and members in a reduced capacity. 
  • If you have busy seasons in your business, I encourage you to reach back into your own community and bring them into your business.
  • Download our Seasonal Hiring Guide for our exact process for opening applications, the questions we ask, and the tasks we entrust to our beloved Love Squad.


Review of the week:


So inspiring!

Bonnie is so generous with her story, educating others and encouraging others to be creative. This podcast is delightful to listen to, brief and focused. I devoured the Creative Live surface pattern course that she taught many years ago and am ready to explore learning illustrator on my own.



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