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Episode 21: Behind the Scenes of Our Weekly Team Meeting

business management business planning hiring Jan 17, 2023
Behind the scenes of our weekly team meeting

How I Structure Our Weekly Team Momentum Meeting

In a world where meetings are mundane and never anything anyone looks forward to, I set out about a year ago to create a format for a weekly meeting that would be fun and exciting for our creative team, but also really help us get the momentum that we needed to enter the week and know exactly what we were doing and what we were working on. In this episode, I’m sharing a peek behind the scenes of how we structure our weekly team Momentum Meeting.

Download the Momentum Meeting Outline & 52 Questions of the Week


Discussed in this episode:

  • How we meet: We meet virtually on Monday afternoons (after the team has had a chance to catch their breath and catch up in the morning). We keep the notes for the year all in one document.
  • The outline: Team members update our agenda each week prior to meeting. Download a copy of the outline we use for our weekly momentum meeting above along with the 52 questions-of-the-week we discussed last year!
  • What we do: We kick each meeting off with a “question of the week” to get to know each other, followed by our running agenda, followed by a teammate and value of the week before moving onto the business for the week so everyone’s on the same page.

Resources & Links:

  • Shared Google doc for ongoing meeting notes
  • Slack for team updates in between


Review of the week:


Honored to Listen

I was hooked from the first podcast! I already know that Bonnie is generous with her knowledge and sharing her story because I’ve taken some of her free classes and used many of her resources. I’m not sure how it’s even possible, but this podcast gives even more! Bonnie breaks down her journey and goals in detail by sharing personal stories, business secrets, with specific numbers. It’s eye opening and so empowering! I finish each podcast motivating to take action with my own goals. Did I mention there are downloads too! Visit BonnieChristine.com to find even more resources that correspond to her podcasts! I am truly honored to listen and learn!


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