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Episode 2: What If I'm Alone In This? 

business community creative entrepreneurship goal-setting Nov 13, 2022
What if I'm alone in this?

7 Ways To Encourage The Support Of Others

As creative entrepreneurs, while we may often feel alone, the truth is we struggle with many of the same things. How do you handle feeling alone without a lot of support in your life for what you want to do? In this episode, we’ll talk about seven ways you can find support in your journey as a creative entrepreneur, even if you feel like no one in your life really gets it right now. 

These things are really hard, and having a big dream or goal is scary. It’s intimidating to talk about because the fear of failure sets in. When you think sharing your dream might not be met with the support you need, it can make it feel even more vulnerable.

“We are capable of empowering those around us
to support us better and encourage us.”

Discussed in this episode:

  • The importance of sharing your goals and the outcomes
  • When we share our goals with others, it’s important to share the full circle and help them understand where we’re going. Share what you need and frame it clearly.
  • Visible action generates support. When those around you see you working hard, their belief in you grows.
  • Ask yourself: What does it look like to act like the person you are wanting to become? How can you step into your future person now?
  • Finding the right people and communities to support you will help you in accomplishing your dreams because they speak your same language and know how to help and encourage you.

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Review of the week:

Phenomenal is an understatement!!!

“Bonnie teaches creative professionals with grace and an understanding of how the creative mind works which benefits all of her students and the extraordinary professionals they become because of it. She increases your quality of life two-fold. Just listen...I dare you!”



EPISODE FREEBIE: Pull up a comfy chair and your favorite warm beverage and let’s dig into writing down what’s on your heart! Download your future-self worksheet below. 


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