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119: AI vs. Artist - Where Do We Stand?

creative entrepreneurship creativity tools and resources Feb 13, 2024
AI vs. Artist with Bonnie Christine on the Professional Creative

Welcome to today's episode titled "AI vs. Artists," where we explore the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence in the world of art and design. As AI continues to advance, many liken its impact to the transformative influence of the internet itself. Yes, artificial intelligence can generate art, but it's crucial to recognize that it complements rather than replaces human creativity. It can aid your work, quicken your work, but it doesn’t replace your work.

There’s an intersection between AI and creativity, and it is clear that human connection and emotion remain irreplaceable components of art. Despite AI's ability to generate visually stunning pieces, recent studies show that people vastly prefer human-generated art. Why?

Every time there is a major technological breakthrough, people feel uncomfortable and uncertain about the future. But usually, these breakthroughs create new opportunities. Let’s reframe the fear mindset and shift to abundance thinking and see how we can allow this tool to assist us rather than replace us.

Are we as professional creatives and artists being replaced by artificial intelligence?

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In this episode, you will learn:

  • What artificial intelligence can bring to the world of art and design
  • How to lean into AI and allow it to improve our work, not replace our work
  • Step out of a fear mindset and into one of abundance


Review of the week: 


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