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89: Fueling Your Creative Journey Featuring Nicholas Wilton

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Nicholas Wilton [00:00:00]:

The natural byproduct of that chain reaction is creativity. Mhmm. And that's the secret to this whole game. You know?

Bonnie Christine [00:00:14]:

I'm Bonnie Christine, and this is where For all things creativity, design, business, and marketing unite. I'm a mama living in a tiny town tucked Right inside the Smoky Mountains running a multi seven figure business doing the most creative and impactful work of my life. When I first set out to become an entrepreneur, I was struggling to make ends meet and wrestling with how to accomplish my biggest dream of of becoming a fabric designer. Fast forward to today, I'm not only licensing my artwork all over the world but Also teaching others how to design their creative life and experience the same success. I'm here to help you spend your life Doing something that lights you up. I'll help you build a creative business that also creates an impact, changes people's lives, gives you all of the freedom you want, and is wildly profitable. Welcome to The Professional Creative podcast. Hi, everyone.

Bonnie Christine [00:01:23]:

Welcome to this episode of the Prof Creative. I'm here with a dear friend and I'm so excited to introduce him to you. Welcome, Nicholas Wilton. Thanks. How are you?

Nicholas Wilton [00:01:36]:

I'm good. I'm, really excited to talk to you. It's just been, there's so many things happening, and it's just an exciting time. So, we're looking forward to this conversation.

Bonnie Christine [00:01:48]:

So, Nick, I've invited Nicholas on. Do other people call you Nick or just me?

Nicholas Wilton [00:01:54]:

Lots of people call me Nick. Yeah. So that that'll work.

Bonnie Christine [00:02:00]:

Nicholas and I met Several years ago, we are part of the same mastermind, and we very naturally just Fell in stride, you and I, Nicholas, because I think the way that we run our business, the way we prioritize things in our lives are so similar. And what I love so much about you is that you are equally a brilliant artist and equally a brilliant businessman, And you lead in the same way that I do with full heart and full service for your audience. I also wanted to say one reason we're having you on right now is because you are one of our keynote speakers, coming up for Immersion Live. So we're super excited to have you alongside a stellar lineup. So you'll be our keynote speaker as well as joining us for open studio night. And that one I'm really excited for, Nick, because Nicholas is a fine artist. Your process is mesmerizing. It's messy.

Bonnie Christine [00:03:02]:

It's beautiful, And I can't wait to let everyone just dive into your

Nicholas Wilton [00:03:07]:

world. So fun. Yeah. I'm really excited. That's so good. Like, I need I want 2 hours in the studio with you guys, but I'll take whatever you can give

Bonnie Christine [00:03:16]:

me. Nicholas, just start us off by telling everyone about what you do. You do and you've been an a fine artist for many, many years. Your work speaks for itself, but you also educate. And the way that I what I love about what you teach is it's about bringing really the fire back into creative process. Your business is called Art 2 Life. You have courses. I know you've done some incredible artwork for some books.

Bonnie Christine [00:03:44]:

Just give everyone an insight into what your world Really looks

Nicholas Wilton [00:03:48]:

like. Yeah. Okay. Well so I've always been an artist, and, Figuring that out early on was hard. And I took a lot of notes, to help myself just being an artist by myself in a studio. And I Quickly discovered that I it's hard to be by yourself all the time. So I started teaching these workshops as a a way to get out of the studio. And I really only know 1 I really am good at one thing, which is making art.

Nicholas Wilton [00:04:18]:

I've always done that. And it Turned out that the the way that I approached my art making that other people could understand it. You know, when it's just in your head, but then when you write it down. And that began a process of, teaching. And I and I started this process, you know, when I was 20 years old, and and I worked in the small groups for a decade, 2 decades. And and gradually over time, more and more people came. And I, what what was so cool about the way I approached it was I saw how quickly People could not only get comfortable making art, but they could make art, most importantly, that was personal, that Felt like them, which I know how hard that is to do. And I I went to an amazing art school and I you know? And so That was I knew what was happening.

Nicholas Wilton [00:05:15]:

In 7 days, I could take someone who was just sort of curious, and they could They could get so excited and then they could go into art, but it also it shifted something in people. It allowed them to start living more like an artist. And I ended up bringing this content online about 7 or 8 years ago. And, because the the workshops kept filling, and I was going all over the country, you know, different places teaching. And I brought this online, And it kinda blew up. And we were able I was able through amazing help through Jeff Walker and different, you know, entrepreneurs, to teach online, to teach this content online. And and it worked. And it's just been amazing because now we work with thousands of people.

Nicholas Wilton [00:06:04]:

But, really, it's a process. You know, I'm teaching, it's called the Art to Life framework, and it's a combination of art making principles, but They're really life making principles. And especially for you guys all listening, I'm sure I know that you guys are creative, but there's also a lot of business in this. And the principles that I teach and talk about are helpful in life, they're helpful in business, and of course, in art as well. And and that's what I'm interested in. And I'm interested in helping people discover their journey, their their authenticity because That's the secret sauce in in all things, is is that it's gotta be about you and it's gotta be personal. And I mean, I think that's what, you know, your business and my business and why we connect so well is because this Our businesses are really personal, and they're super authentic and just mission driven, and that that really resonates for people. So That's sort of, you know, making powerful art is a result of looking within and really clarifying and concerning what it is that lights you up in your life, and that's kinda what we do.

Nicholas Wilton [00:07:14]:

That's how we how we help

Bonnie Christine [00:07:15]:

people. You know, the Presentation that you're gonna be covering at Immersion Live, you've told me is kind of about how to keep the fire of creativity and entrepreneurship burning. And I love this so much because I feel like for 1, artist oftentimes struggle to tap into both, sides of their brain, if you will, the creative side and then also the business and strategic side. And While that might be difficult to tap into, once you do tap into it, it means that you can make business creative, which is really, really fun. So Could you just not not tell us too much, but could you just kind of dip your toes into this This thought about creativity and entrepreneurship and keeping that alive.

Nicholas Wilton [00:08:04]:

It's it's sort of an inside job is how I like to describe it. You know, Entrepreneurship is a lot of a lot of external thinking. We have audiences. We have technology. We have many, many things that we have to overcome. And and it takes a lot of effort. But If you're clear, if you can so you need a lot of juice, you need a lot of energy, you need a lot of fire. And And cultivating that is not something that is sort of on the list always.

Nicholas Wilton [00:08:40]:

So How do we stay fired up about what we're creating, what we're making? Making a business is no different than making a painting or Making a story or building a relationship. What is it that we what do we wanna make and and how we make it and what's important to us. And so that's the inquiry that is so so important because if you Feel alive. Right? So this is a a basic art making principle that we When we experience and involve ourselves in things that truly matter to us so this isn't I can't help people build businesses or make art that's to make money only. It really truly has to be something that is meaningful that really matters to you, whatever it is. If that's what you're after, which I think is is the success path, Then I can start then we can work we can, get you in a place where you feel energized, you feel alive. And that's the the secret sauce to overcoming a lot of the things, the hard nights, the long hours, because you have this passion there, and you're connected to it. You know? And and sometimes, like, for example, if I'm working on, you know, Sales pages all the time or I'm doing all the business part and I don't get to talk to the people that I'm actually impacting Or sharing or or making my art, I start to lose my momentum.

Nicholas Wilton [00:10:13]:

So so, you know, learning how to stay connected to what it is that lights you up. Remembering that, remembering what the vision is of what you're chasing, and making sure that vision is current, That you're not making a business because you think it's just a way to make money, but it's a it's a business that really is yours, that you really, really care about. That's that's an important that's an important thing to to figure out. You don't get to you don't have to know it right away, but that's where we're heading.

Bonnie Christine [00:10:42]:

I'm just curious, Nicholas. Do you find yourself able to be creative and create art every day, or do you have Kind of this bit you know, this is a business kind of day and this is an art making kind of day. Or do you intermingle them?

Nicholas Wilton [00:10:58]:

Yeah. Yeah. That's a great question. I run it all together. I run it all together. I'm I'm making art when I I had this ugly color behind me And I put this color here because it goes better with this shirt. That's an art decision, you know, and I get more excited because I like this color. This is one of my favorite colors.

Nicholas Wilton [00:11:18]:

You know, I'm so I love that green behind you in the dark and, you know, like so it's all mixed together. I I the the more that you can connect to that, like, I know I'm I stay on top of it. And I and if I don't, you know, we all like, you go on a vacation or you or or or it's a hard patch comes where you have to be really busy. You know, I remember when my mom was sick and and, you know, you kinda lose your way sometimes, and that's gonna happen. But when you can kind of have it touch on it, like, I do this by I have a a journal practice where I just do a dumb art thing pretty much every day, but that just reminds me what I'm doing. And it relates to how I do a team meeting. It relates to, you know, there's humility in trying something and it doesn't work. So it all Kinda mixes together.

Nicholas Wilton [00:12:16]:

It's all the principles. So I look at the principles of art making and The things of art making that apply to all the things we wanna make from a video to how we wanna talk about our offerings, how we wanna show up in the world, it's all it's all kind of based on the same kinds of Things that optimize us, that make us feel excited. So, yeah, I don't I don't separate it, really. I don't say, well, Art making is different than a video thing. It's like, I love all this stuff. I just do all of it. And and I have a lot of energy to do it all because it's all it's all filling me. You know?

Bonnie Christine [00:12:59]:

Okay. So for the people who are only listening, they're dying to know what color your Ball is and what your favorite color

Nicholas Wilton [00:13:05]:


Bonnie Christine [00:13:06]:

So how would you describe this

Nicholas Wilton [00:13:08]:

color? This is, I would say it's passion flower red. Yeah. So I look at this color, and I love talking about color because it's abstract. And so and and it's just a feeling. Right? Everyone can look at this and and if I you know, when when I look at this color, I think of there's a Passion flower that grows at Esalen is one of the 1st places I taught on the Big Sur coast. And I have a just a huge part of my heart is there. It's where I learned How to be in the world. I found my way there.

Nicholas Wilton [00:13:40]:

And I would walk every night from this art studio, and there's this, it's still there. It's this Overgrown patch of eucalyptus trees, and it's covered in these flowers. And so this color to me Feels like possibility, potential. It's it's juicy with that kind of rightness of becoming. And So that's what I've that's, like, that's what I think about when I see this color. And and and if I'm gonna do an Excel spreadsheet, And and I can start changing colors on it or the way I organize things. Yeah. I have to find a way to make these things meaningful for being.

Nicholas Wilton [00:14:20]:

And some things aren't. And and I try to avoid them, but, you know, he can't do that all the time. But, you know, I try to stay Where the juice, where the energy is. Right? And there's people on my team that are really energized about doing things that I'm not, you know. And so, Obviously, we can't do all the things, but, how? How do you take a thing like an Excel spreadsheet and and make it really a creative process. How can you do that? You know? It's like, that that's cool. That's a cool way to approach problems.

Bonnie Christine [00:14:54]:

Right? Yeah. That's really cool. So I know that you have some principles. You've mentioned them to me a few times. I is there are there 6? Is that

Nicholas Wilton [00:15:04]:

right? Well, we teach in in in our framework, We teach art making principles, things that you guys would all, you know, as surface designers, could relate to, things like value and design and texture, risk, and soul, which is a little bit of what we're talking about now, but there's also principles of mindset. And And I thought that, you know, because we're talking about the mindset of of how to stay inspired and fired up, there's there's there's truths and and things that we can come back on, principles and ideas that They're not rules, but they're ideas that we can use to apply to our own situation. So For example, one of the one of the things I teach and, you know, probably for you guys listening, It's a it's a it's a it's a hard one for a lot of people because a lot of people don't feel, qualified or eligible to make art. And I know I'm Jer, you struggle you you help people through

Bonnie Christine [00:16:14]:


Nicholas Wilton [00:16:14]:

Yeah. And and so I right out of the gate, I'm like, everyone Everyone is an artist already. This is what we teach. This is what I can prove. I've helped thousands and thousands of people. There isn't anybody unless you know, they have to be interested, of course. But everybody Can create a thing that is artistic, that's personal, and it's just whether they're interested or not. So We gotta make sure that people feel that they can do that.

Nicholas Wilton [00:16:45]:

Otherwise, they're, you know, kind of over in the corner scared. So that's an important idea that you know, of course. Right? And so I can hold that confidence. I can prove it. Like, that is so if you can kinda get some relief there, even if your High school art teacher said you weren't talented or whatever. There is no such thing as talent per se. It's just fire. It's just passion.

Nicholas Wilton [00:17:09]:

It's just about you expressing what lights you up, and everyone has that. It's like saying some people, You know, some people can laugh and others can't, and it's, like, ridiculous. No. It comes with the operating system. So We everyone has equal measure of creativity, and it's just some people are curious and and wanna learn about it. So that's that's sort of one that's obvious. But it it has to be looked at. The other way that I the other thing I talk about, and I've touched upon it here a little bit, is this idea of feeling alive.

Nicholas Wilton [00:17:48]:

And feeling alive, comes about by involving yourself in in whatever it is that it has energy for you. You know, it's like, Bonnie, I know you do, like, CrossFit. Right? Like, that has juice for you. Or other people, it's horseback riding. Or other people, it's Surface design or other people, it's books or or places or this color has energy for me. That's why I, like, chose this color. Right? So So understanding what brings you alive is really, is like the first order of the day. Because when you feel this way and this is the thing they don't really we don't talk about.

Nicholas Wilton [00:18:32]:

You feel inspired. You you make connections. It's it's the best way of of being in the world when you feel alive. It's like you wanna be in the world in this way. It's the best version of you showing up. And when you're inspired, when you're making connections, You have this energy, this overflow of energy. It's the opposite of being bored. Right? Bored is I'm just gonna order takeout.

Nicholas Wilton [00:18:59]:

You know? When you're inspired, you cook yourself something or you invite a friend over or you go for a walk or whatever it is that lights you up. And and what happens when you have that energy from feeling more alive, you feel inspired, the byproduct of that, The natural byproduct of that chain reaction is

Bonnie Christine [00:19:21]:

creativity. Mhmm.

Nicholas Wilton [00:19:22]:

And that's the secret to this whole game, you know, but they don't teach that. Like, everyone's like, I don't know what to do. You know? It's Like, I can't how do I do my business and all the things? It's creativity. It's all creativity, and it comes. It's so cool because you don't need an expensive website. You don't need a lot of these things. It's all stuff that you can cultivate in your life, in yourself, and that's that's where it starts. So that's a really powerful principle, that we use and talk about.

Nicholas Wilton [00:19:57]:

And And by the way, for artists and you guys are artists. We're all artists, and you guys make a thing. But especially for fine artists who I work with a lot. When you feel this way, you're more yourself. Right? Like, that is that is really when you see your friend who's doing really well, that's what that's the state they're in. When they make something in this way of being from this come from. The art or the artifact It that they create, whatever it is, it feels like them. It's more like them.

Nicholas Wilton [00:20:34]:

You make things like yourself, And that leads to another principle. But because this thing that you make is personal and different, Like, your your whole world that you've created, Bonnie, is really unique in the world. It's so personal, and that's It's the value. That's what people come for. They're like, wow. I am I'm not a Bonnie, but I can I can feel this and I love what she's doing here? That creates value in the marketplace. That creates viral. Right? You see something that you have never experienced before because Somebody has done something that is so personal and and different, and and we're all walking around the world, wanting to feel alive.

Nicholas Wilton [00:21:21]:

And what makes us feel alive is things that we haven't experienced before. Right? Like, you know, when we see the things we share on Instagram, we start an art course or we go to a workshop or our birthday comes along. These these things that are new and different is what we crave as human beings. Our soul Loves this. We wanna feel things in our life. And and that's why that's that doesn't matter where you're from, by the way, or How much money you make or everything. Everyone wants to feel this aliveness, and it comes from this bigger idea of differences, putting things together that don't normally go together or experiencing new things. Right? Like, if you love horseback riding and you get to do it on Wednesdays, it's so great.

Nicholas Wilton [00:22:16]:

But if you horseback road Every single day, pretty soon, it would be routine. It would be kind of too much. So it's how you curate things and putting things together that are unexpected and differences. And so there there's a whole curation that we get to create for ourselves to optimize ourselves, to feel this great way, and then what we make feels that way too. And that Connects to other people, by the way.

Bonnie Christine [00:22:45]:

Like, when I'm working on a design, I love to put just 1 small thing in it that is an element of surprise. Like, this is so Bonnie, it's so predictable. And then one thing that someone is like, I did did not see that coming, did not see her Putting a little whatever, like a color or a little, you know, motif that's surprising. Mark your calendars for this October 19th through 21st Because our annual conference for creative immersion live is coming up, we've gathered a spectacular lineup of industry leaders, artists, And entrepreneurs like Amy Porterfield, Morgan Harper Nichols, Glow Atonmo, and Nicholas Wilton, plus many, many more for an unmatched Virtual conference experience. Immersion live this year is all about the art of business for the professional creative. Over 3 days, you'll unlock strategies to guide your business effectively, refine your designs, and establish a flourishing creative career. And the best part is that you can experience it all from the comfort of your own home. We do a live virtual conference like nobody else.

Bonnie Christine [00:23:57]:

Sessions will allow for real time interaction, questions answered, and a sense of community that's honestly hard to match. Our event kicks off with open studio night on October 19th, where you'll get to peek behind the curtain of some incredibly successful artists and designers. The next 2 days, you'll immerse yourself in keynote sessions and workshops where you'll learn, interact, and have all your questions answered. Come engage with like minded creatives, make meaningful connections, and open the doors to collaboration. We're also recording every session so you can revisit and absorb this wealth of knowledge at your own pace. Head on over to bonnie christine.comforward slash 2023 Immersion Live to join us. Nicholas, how do you talk to someone who is so far away from this they don't even know How to figure out what makes them feel alive.

Nicholas Wilton [00:24:49]:

Yeah. I love this. I love this question, because you're closer than you think. Let me grab a couple things here. Like, so if I have 2 things, I have, you know, if we're I'm holding up you guys, for those you guys can't see it. I'm holding up a pair of scissors and I'm holding up a black Sharpie, and if I if you were in my workshop Or if you were in an audience, you could see this. And, there's a pair of scissors, and there's a black Sharpie. Bonnie, which do you prefer? Just like intuitively, which do you like?

Bonnie Christine [00:25:23]:

I very much like the purple

Nicholas Wilton [00:25:25]:

scissors. Okay. Okay. There is no right or wrong answer. But Right there, everyone's gonna have a different answer. It's intuitive. You already know. You already come with discernment.

Nicholas Wilton [00:25:39]:

So that's how you start. Right? That's how you start. You have to start listening. So if I don't know what what what kind of, Like, let's say someone's wanting to go into pattern design or wanting to start a business or or you so you look out at the world And you start noticing things that resonate for you. Mhmm. You know, some people come to art making or creativity. They might have gone and, like, done a Birthday, they they they found it because they like, you know, frosting the cake and they're doing a thing for their kids. You know, like, That resonates to somebody.

Nicholas Wilton [00:26:18]:

Or or maybe when you were a little kid, you had aquariums like I did, and you love tropical worlds and the fish and the colors. I mean so you have to just everything the clues are already there. Mhmm. They're already in what you've made. They're already in what you've kept. Go into your bedroom and look at the things that are hanging on your wall. Look at the things that you don't wanna throw away. Look at the things that you've given to people that are like or what's the most meaningful thing that you've ever, been given.

Nicholas Wilton [00:26:52]:

You know? Look at the places you travel. Look at the things that look at pay attention when you've cried. Right? Like, that's it's it's following those tugs. It's following that deeper Connection to you to yourself. Right? Like, we see thing look at what you follow on Instagram. You know? These are the These things for whatever this is different for everyone, but that's where the clues are. So, yes, it looks like, when someone's really far along that they have, that how could we ever get there, but it just literally starts by, This is a yes or this is a

Bonnie Christine [00:27:35]:

no. Yeah. You know, I really call that the art of seeing. Like, we see things all day long, And at some point in this journey, it's like scales fall from your eyes, and you start seeing things for the 1st time. And everything is possibility and everything is beautiful and, you know, potential inspiration for your work. And that means that you can go anywhere and be inspired even if That place on paper isn't

Nicholas Wilton [00:28:04]:

inspiring. Yes. Yes. It becomes this life becomes this quest to to you're you're like on a on a treasure hunt. You know? What a cool way to go through the world.

Bonnie Christine [00:28:18]:

What a cool way. Yeah.

Nicholas Wilton [00:28:20]:

Right? I mean, you are such the you're you're the poster child for this. I mean, collecting the things like, looking in behind you, you know, you You curate constantly. I mean, you're I mean, you you do this so well, Bonnie. I mean, just how you, you know, how do you describe your courses in the PDFs and the and the clothing and and your garden and what how you shoot your videos. Like, it's All it's all this discernment, and that is really amazing because we all wanna feel that. And you just When you can show that to people, people love it. We love it because we're none of us are you, and so we get to Experience a new thing in your world. You know? So because that's not something you know, like, my background is like this color, but when I look at yours, it's like, god.

Nicholas Wilton [00:29:15]:

I just wanna, like, go poke around your studio and all the things and

Bonnie Christine [00:29:18]:

you know? Yeah. Well But I'd like to poke around your studio too and get messy with a bunch of paint. It'd be awesome. Yeah. Yeah. You know, I know you well enough to know that You have achieved such success in your life from so many different areas, success in your business, Success as an entrepreneur, success as an artist, success in your personal life and your health. Could you just Give us some insight into some of the things that you do on a daily basis, habits or or principles that you do on a daily basis that has led to your long term success because I know it it's full of little things, little decisions that you make Every

Nicholas Wilton [00:30:05]:

day. Yeah. It's I mean, you know, there's there's there's risk. Right? Like, we talk about, like, understanding mistakes And there's, you know, I I don't know what it is about me. Like, the way you describe this, like, when I do mistakes, I really do want. And and whether it's learning a new sport like, I I learned kite surfing is something I've always wanted to do, and I was learning and, you know, And and there's things that you don't wanna do in that sport. They're like, you know, like, really and I had to do all of them. You know? Like so I I really Lean into those.

Nicholas Wilton [00:30:42]:

They just seem to happen. I don't know. But I have a really great relationship with mistakes. And and art making teaches you this, teaches you that that, you know, that you have to show a lot better. And that when you give give in and and be real with, okay, I this isn't very good, and then I Give up something. Often, there's something that's coming that's better, and there's uncertainty in that. And to just be comfortable in uncertainty because that is the juicy time when something's gonna come. Right? Like, there's tremendous amount of faith in that.

Nicholas Wilton [00:31:25]:

So it's just really my relationships my relationship to mistakes, I would say, and And knowing to increase the energy for me, I I risk. I I take chances. I'm like, I'm okay with that. You know? And I've seen what's happened. The the biggest crashes for me have led to the biggest learning. And and then then a whole new things come out of it.

Bonnie Christine [00:31:52]:

I see that in you, Nicholas. Like, any mistake that, You know, not that I've even seen you make any of that. I know that you've talked about some, and what makes it so different for me is that You use it very intentionally as a learning opportunity. I mean, you just really dig in. It's It's almost like it's just exciting how much you can learn from the mistakes you make, and that's something that we talk about. We we have to learn how to manage and be comfortable with because otherwise, we're playing small. If we're playing big, we're going to make mistakes, and we've got to learn How to have a closeness to that because it's inevitable, and it's how you learn.

Nicholas Wilton [00:32:39]:

Yes. Mhmm. And the other thing about showing yourself. Right? Like, if If we think the thing that we make is more valuable because it's more like us, the more of us that we could put in the thing, the more valuable it will be. And I'm not just saying all the good parts of us, But all the parts that are maybe a little shadowy or the vulnerability. So if I if I'm making a painting, I'm really knowledgeable. Like, I'm I'm really good at art making, but I'm also not sure a lot, and I make a lot of stakes. And I'm trying things, and I'm kinda scared that it's not gonna work out.

Nicholas Wilton [00:33:24]:

Mhmm. That is a powerful thing, That vulnerability as a part of me, of Nick, that it's it's I got a lot of that. If I can show that too, It connects. It it makes you a better leader. It makes you a better artist. It makes you more relatable because I'm no different than anybody else. You know? It's like I've just done a thing for longer, so it looks kinda like, wow, you know, you're really far along. But besides that, We're all just on this creative path making things and learning as we go.

Nicholas Wilton [00:34:01]:

And so I really think There's a tremendous value, you know. I think the humility is just a really important part, in business. Right? To be able to say to your team, I don't know I don't know what to do here, or I'm so embarrassed, or I am out of my depth, or help or that's been a hard thing a big thing for me to learn. I used to think I had to learn do it all myself, and I used to white knuckle it, you know. And now it's like it's just about the learning more. And so I think that's a that's a really powerful, thing for creating anything because people people can if they can relate to you, they'll they'll they'll see themselves in what you're doing, and I think that's important.

Bonnie Christine [00:34:49]:

That is really incredible. I I just thought you were gonna tell us about, like, a little morning routine, but embracing Yeah. Embracing your mistakes, That's a

Nicholas Wilton [00:35:00]:

big one.

Bonnie Christine [00:35:00]:

Yeah. And it's real.

Nicholas Wilton [00:35:01]:

It really is. It is. Yeah.

Bonnie Christine [00:35:05]:

Yeah. What else? Anything

Nicholas Wilton [00:35:07]:

else? Let's see. So Let's talk for a second here a cool thing that I think is a really great thing to bring into the conversation that We will be doing, we'll be talking more about this, you know, definitely in the studio thing. But the importance of play, you guys, Because if we you know, if what I was sharing resonates with you about when we're selves. We tend to make cool things because we're not, like, worried about how it looks. We're not trying to copy somebody else. We're just being ourselves. You know, you can see that if you look at amazing speakers. You know, when Brene Brown gave that talk on vulnerability that, you know, we all saw, Yeah.

Nicholas Wilton [00:35:57]:

She is just this, you know, kinda schoolteacher ish, researcher, and she just did her thing. And it was so Powerful. It was so personal and so authentic. So when we when we're that way, it really, really resonates. So Remembering that when we play, we're not interested in an outcome. We're kinda making it As we go, think of kids in a kindergarten class. And, you know, okay, you be the airline pilot, and I'll I'll do this. And you're just doing what feels good.

Nicholas Wilton [00:36:32]:

So how do we bring play into our business? How do we bring play into our life? Because when we can play I know we've given up about when we were 7 years old, but we need to double down on that. Now we need more of that because when we're that when we're playing, we're more ourselves. And that is a strategy, you know, for for making things. So I love that. Right? Like, it's super fun to get a people group of people together and be playful and in experimental and iterate and you know?

Bonnie Christine [00:37:08]:

What kind of things do you do that you would consider to be play in your life?

Nicholas Wilton [00:37:13]:

I like to in every piece of art I make, I and I teach this. I have a time of of play. I don't have, an objective. I wander around. I just do things that feel good. That's kinda what my little journal, that I Yeah. I I work in. I just do stuff.

Nicholas Wilton [00:37:40]:

And what's so crazy is when you just do stuff, you don't even have to have a plan. It actually really is relevant to you know, the soul already knows what what it wants you to become, who you wanna be. But we're just if we think all the time, it just shuts that down. So just being intuitive and just Trying something for no reason whatsoever allows a new inner pilot light, a new guidance to step in, And that's actually tremendously wise. The inside of you, the deeper parts of you, the part underneath the surface, That's the the body, the wisdom of the body, the heart. That that is what we wanna bring more into our world, more and more and more in how something feels and how can how we connect to that. So play does that. It might just feel kind of frivolous, but We're making choices and they're they seem intuitive, but then when you look back, it's like, wow.

Nicholas Wilton [00:38:44]:

Like, look at that thing I made back then. Look what I'm doing now. You know? So there's It's fun to it's it's there's a there's a forecasting a little bit when we play. It tends to it tends to get pretty good and it relates what we're going to be making. Right? Like, who are we becoming? How do we start and remember that? Who what part of ourselves is under construction. That's a really great question. Right? And and it's and it's a juicy one. You know? And playing, does this feel more like me, or does this? And that's a great and that and that can just be done with art materials or that can be done so many ways.

Nicholas Wilton [00:39:23]:

But but But that is that's the idea with play. It's it's us. It's really it distills us down to to who we to our more authentic version of ourselves.

Bonnie Christine [00:39:34]:

Play is really hard for me. I actually realized probably about 2 years ago that I am so maybe almost addicted to productivity. I love to be productive. I love to multitask. Like, if I'm watching a movie, I'm also got my hands doing something like knitting or painting or something. And play very much felt frivolous. It Felt very much like un unproductive. And, therefore, I had all these feelings like guilt, and I don't even think I realized it until someone asked me, what I did to play.

Bonnie Christine [00:40:10]:

And I actually couldn't I couldn't come up with anything. And so a few years ago, I, like, very intentionally Added play back into my life because it does fuel it it's almost a it's so productive, actually. It's almost like Equivalent with rest. Right? Like, playing and resting is actually so productive because then we can I I just talked about this a little bit? Like, we we never need to be to in a place where we're needing to rest from work. We need to work from a place of rest, and that in and of itself is so incredibly productive. So I don't know who who's listening that feels like they they that that play is nonsense, but it will revolutionize your creative Process your business, your mindset, your energy. It's

Nicholas Wilton [00:41:05]:

amazing. Yeah. Yeah. And it allows The nonthinking part of you, right, like, we use our frontal cortex to, like, figure out, you know, what can I do, and we're just, like, Squinting and brain, but there's wisdom in the body? There's wisdom, more wisdom. Right? Like, we're we're, You know, we're we're feeling beings that think. We're not thinking beings that happen to feel. We're mostly Soft feeling things on the planet. We it it that's important.

Nicholas Wilton [00:41:39]:

And and then when we play, when we take Spaces between things, when we move towards things that just for whatever reason feel more of a yes, that fuels our ourselves. And and it gives more and more clarity about the decisions, about where we're going and what we're doing. The the fastest way that I can help somebody, change their art and, like, blow up in the art world is to connect them back to themselves, right, and to connect, you know, to have that connection And change the way they're thinking and feeling, then the work just takes off. It has nothing to do with, like, learning to paint new colors. I mean, there's some of that, but The fast way is to shift the come from, and and that's kinda what we're talking about. And that's really the talk that, you know, I'm I'm intro that's really what I teach. You know? And how how where it's the come from that makes it all possible. You know?

Bonnie Christine [00:42:37]:

Nicholas, I just I could listen to you all day. And The the the best thing is that everyone who feels the same way, they they kind of can because, Nick, you have your own podcast as well. Can you tell everybody about your podcast and where everyone can can find you?

Nicholas Wilton [00:42:54]:

Yeah. It's it's called Art to Life, you know, Art to Life. And you can go to art to life.com and click on podcasts, but you can get it on, you know, any of Apple Podcasts. And, really, you know, it's interesting because the podcast, is is a just find your ways you go kind of project. A lot of what we were talking about today, this interview would fit just very nicely in in the podcast. But it's it's really about, All the ways that and all the different, different kinds of people, thought leaders, artists, business people, Using principles, using art, making ideas, and and how they're constructing their lives to feel amazing. And so It's really a a real wide exploration. And and so I'm it's just a project that I I love, and then we got great guests.

Nicholas Wilton [00:43:50]:

And so, yeah, I'd love, love you guys to come and check it out.

Bonnie Christine [00:43:53]:

Well, we're gonna put that link and all of your links in the show notes for today's episode. Before we sign off, I would love to hear from you, like, 1 piece of advice for people who are Preparing to attend Immersion Live and hear you there on how to attend a virtual conference well. Do you know what I mean by that? Like, we're educating some about just really how to attend, how to prepare, what kind of things to think about in advance, How to attend a virtual conference and do it do it

Nicholas Wilton [00:44:26]:

right. Yeah. I just did one. So this is great, and I really did it well. I mean, I learned so much. So you wanna create space, you guys. And and, you know, there's a theme here. You know, this Bonnie was talking about, you know, taking time off and playing.

Nicholas Wilton [00:44:44]:

Like, you have to create space for something new to come in. Right? And a workshop, what Bonnie's giving all of you is this opportunity for new, for something new to come in. Life changing. I mean, this is a transformational experience she's putting together. I know what she's up to. But you have to understand that if you don't create a space, let some things go, push some things aside, Create space for the new thing to come in. Because if you try to just, like, oh, just grab a little bit of recording, be there live, Show up, come early, stay late. You know, just really you know, and and and take from it.

Nicholas Wilton [00:45:29]:

You know, have your notebook there, But go through this process and and capture the parts that speak to you. Right? Like, really discern what it is. Who who's who are you resonating with? You know, take take those nuggets and stay on it and reflect on those notes and then come the next day. You know, it's like, So that's that's really what I I would recommend. It's it's a space thing. We don't often create space for something new to come because we don't know what is coming. But if you don't create space, then this Amazing new thing can't come in. So that would that's for sure what how I would approach it.

Bonnie Christine [00:46:10]:

Yeah. I've done online conferences in both ways. And the other way, distracted way or the replay, it's no good. It's sort of like, you know, my kids will watch A movie. And I'll be doing stuff around the house, and they'll watch it 3 times. And then on the 4th time, I'll be like, okay. I'm a sit down, and I'll Actually watch it, and it's amazing. And that's what we really have to do.

Bonnie Christine [00:46:35]:

When we really attend something and we give it the space that it deserves, it's It's really impactful. Nicholas Yeah. Thank you so much. Thank you for being here with us today, for imparting your wisdom. You're such an inspirational guy, and, I'm I'm so excited to to share you with everyone.

Nicholas Wilton [00:46:54]:

Oh, I'm so excited, and I can't Wait to see everyone again. And, Bonnie, likewise. It's it's a

Bonnie Christine [00:47:01]:

privilege. See you next time. Bye.

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