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109: You're Invited! The 5-Day Pattern Challenge

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Bonnie Christine [00:00:00]:
It is the beginning of a new year, and I'm so excited to kick it off with you. I also have an incredible opportunity that I think will just ignite your passion for creativity and design and surface pattern design that I'm so excited to share with you today. But before I get to it, I wanna know if you ever struggle with feeling like you're in a creative rut or if you yearn for just learning a new skill and learning something new to do with your creativity. This could be just for fun, like a hobby, or maybe you want to start a side hustle. Or maybe you're ready for an entire career change and you don't know where to start. I have felt all of these things, and that's why I'm so excited to share with you my new 5 day pattern design challenge that starts on January 11th. I would love for you to come join us. Now this challenge is Absolutely no risk and a lot of fun to just dip your toes into the breathtaking world of pattern design.

Bonnie Christine [00:01:13]:
And for the Stu time ever, we're hosting it in January. And I wanna share a little bit with you about why. I'm Bonnie Christine, and this is where all things creativity, design, business, and marketing unite. I'm a mama living in a tiny town tucked right inside the Smoky Mountains running a multi seven figure business doing the most creative and impactful work of my life. When I first set out to become an entrepreneur, I was struggling to make ends meet and wrestling with how to accomplish my biggest dream of becoming a fabric designer. Fast forward to today, I'm not only sensing my artwork all over the world, but also teaching others how to design their creative life and experience the same success. I'm here to help you spend your life doing something that lights you up. I'll help you build a creative business that also creates an impact, Changes people's lives, gives you all of the freedom you want, and is wildly profitable.

Bonnie Christine [00:02:22]:
Welcome to The Professional Creative Podcast. When I first started and I really wanted to figure out pattern design and fabric design, I had no idea how to get started. I had no formal training. I had no experience. I had no no one in my life that was experienced enough to tell me how to get started. And I also had 0 Bonnie. And so I just very much piecemealed together this entire education. It took me, like, 2 years to learn how to Cation.

Bonnie Christine [00:02:58]:
It took me, like, 2 years to learn how to begin in surface pattern design. Now that was a long time ago. That was back in 2009 when there was really just no education online regarding this entire industry. And so I set out to change that, And I did it. We did it. I set out to change that. And this 5 day challenge is Such a fun and incredible way for you to come learn how to get started in pattern design, and you don't need any money. It's entirely free.

Bonnie Christine [00:03:32]:
You don't need Any experience, you can come with no sketching practice or no Adobe Illustrator knowledge. You can just come. And, of course, you also don't need any education. That's what I'm here for. I've got you covered. Pattern design completely transformed my life. It transformed my career, but, like, it legitimately transformed my life and the joy that I have in my day to day. And I just want you to experience that with me.

Bonnie Christine [00:04:04]:
Pattern design is something that's So unique and so fulfilling and so beautiful. Like, there's this practice of seeing the world in a different way and gathering inspiration and pulling your life and your stories into your work and then seeing them come together in a repeating pattern. I'm telling you, if you've never done it, there's just something so incredibly magical and delightful and satisfying about that. And so come experience it with me. Now here's the framework. It is going to be live. So it Begins January 11th, and it goes for 5 days. So day number 1 is all about doodles and documenting those doodles.

Bonnie Christine [00:04:49]:
Now you don't need to have, again, any art practice. You don't need to be an artist. In fact, you can either turn simple doodles or marks into a pattern or you can I'll show you how to even go find like a leaf and bring that in so you don't even have to draw if you don't want to. Day number 2 is where we will take all of this, and put it into vectors in Adobe Illustrator. Now don't be intimidated. I am showing you the simplest way to get up and running with Adobe Illustrator. And if you don't have the program, they have a 7 day free trial that will get you through the 5 day challenge so you can make up your mind after that. But learning Adobe Illustrator is just one of the best things that I've ever done for my entire career.

Bonnie Christine [00:05:37]:
So come let me just get you started in the program. Now day number 3 is about custom color palettes. I'll teach you how to create your own color palette, what to look for when you're designing a color palette and really how to bring your designs to life and color them and recolor them. It's so much fun. Now day number 4 is where we actually make a repeating pattern. This is where the magic happens. This is where you'll get bit by the pattern bug. It's so much fun.

Bonnie Christine [00:06:06]:
And then day number 5, I'll teach you how to create something beautiful. So I'll share all my favorite resources with you on how to get fabric or gift wrap or washi tape printed with your designs on them. So I'll show you how to take your repeating pattern and then go order your very own product with your her own artwork on it, which is just incredibly magical. So I'm sharing it all with you in a way that is super simple in this 5 day challenge. Each lesson is less than 20 minutes long, and it is truly just so fun. We're gonna be giving away over $25100 worth of prizes, including a free seat in my upcoming surface design immersion course. Now let me just talk to those who are feeling like you are not an artist or not creative enough or might not be able to learn illustrator. Let me reassure you that everyone can participate.

Bonnie Christine [00:07:07]:
Children can come and have fun and participate and grandparents can come and have fun and participate. The challenge is designed for all skill levels, even if you are brand new or if you're more developed. Come have fun with us. I'm here to guide you every step of the way. And then I'm also excited to just add another layer to the 5 day challenge this year. So the free 5 day challenge is very similar to the 5 day challenge that we've done in previous years. This year, I'm also offering a VIP experience. So the VIP experience, you absolutely don't have to upgrade to.

Bonnie Christine [00:07:44]:
But if you do wanna upgrade to it, You get live demos by me of that day's lesson and then, VIP q and a sessions. And so to honor 2024, you can upgrade to a VIP for just $24. That gives you five full live sessions that include a demo and a q and a if you want to. Absolutely don't have to. The challenge the free version of the challenge is just as robust as it ever has Bonnie, and you get all the lessons and all the replays. But if you wanna get some live interaction Shann, and get your questions answered and just see, like, another demonstration of that day's lesson that might be a little bit different or new, then come join us for the VIP experience. It's gonna be so much fun. Now either way, you're eligible for the Giveaways.

Bonnie Christine [00:08:39]:
Again, we're giving over $25100 worth of things away for free. All you have to do to enter is participate. It's not based on how good your art is or anything like that. All you do is come and participate in either the free version or the VIP experience. Both of them get you, involved in the giveaways. So it's gonna be truly so fun. Invite a friend to come join as well. You can Sign up at Bonnie christine.comforward/5 day challenge.

Bonnie Christine [00:09:09]:
Now that's the number 5, like, the number not spelled out. So the number 5, 5 day challenge. So bonnie christine.comforward/5 day challenge. So to recap, We'll be busting through all of those creative blocks with this super fun and free 5 day pattern design challenge. Each day brings a new aspect of pattern design to life from doodling to creating your very own products. There is no experience needed, just your enthusiasm and willingness to show up. Over $25100 worth of prizes are up for grabs. All you have to do is participate.

Bonnie Christine [00:09:48]:
And then if you want a live demo and access to the live q and a sessions, You can upgrade to the VIP experience for just $24. And so to do that, you'll just sign up for the 5 day challenge and then you'll be able to upgrade to VIP if you want. Replays of those demos are gonna be available for all the VIPs as well. So Are you ready to transform your creativity into something new and exciting? Let's do it together. Again, join us at Bonnie christine.comforward/five day challenge, and I cannot wait for it to start. Again, we start on January 11th, and I'll see you there. Bye for now.


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