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104: The Power of the Personal Brand | Featuring Glo Atanmo

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Glo Atanmo [00:00:00]:

If we as personal brands can also create that and build our brand around an emotion, a movement, a message, a mission. That's what people latch onto more than the actual business or product that you sell.

Bonnie Christine [00:00:18]:

I'm Bonnie Christine, and this is where all things creativity, design, business, and marketing unite. I'm a mama living in a tiny town tucked right inside the Smoky Mountains running a multi seven figure business doing the most Creative and impactful work of my life. When I first set out to become an entrepreneur, I was struggling to make ends meet and wrestling with How to accomplish my biggest dream of becoming a fabric designer. Fast forward to today, I'm not only licensing my artwork all over the world, but Also teaching others how to design their creative life and experience the same success. I'm here to help you spend your life doing Something that lights you up. I'll help you build a creative business that also creates an impact, Changes people's lives, gives you all of the freedom you want, and is wildly profitable. Welcome to the Professional Creative Podcast.

Bonnie Christine [00:01:27]:

I am here with the most amazing Glow Atanmo. Glow, welcome to the professional creative.

Glo Atanmo [00:01:33]:

Yes. Thanks for having me, Bonnie.

Bonnie Christine [00:01:35]:

How are you? I'm

Glo Atanmo [00:01:37]:

doing well. It's it's just the holidays. I'm like, I'm just in a great mood.

Bonnie Christine [00:01:42]:

You know that we met. This is almost like our year anniversary. About a year ago, we met in Arizona at an event, and I was So drawn to you. You probably get this all the time, but you are like this magnet of just joy And wicked smart. Like, everything that you say that comes out of your mouth, you know, you just soak in and listen to. And I have loved, loved, loved getting to know you. Glow, you are also one of our keynote speakers at Immersion Live, and so I knew I wanted to have you on the podcast To give everybody just a good dose of glow.

Glo Atanmo [00:02:20]:

Oh, thank you so much. And I think it's like game recognized game, you as well. And it's just like, she's like This like what do you call it? The silent assassin. You just you have this just calm, warm energy, but you're also so brilliant and genius. And I love it, especially in space where everyone in their own right is powerful. And you don't You don't have to force your power. You just command it and you own it, and that's such a beautiful thing to witness.

Bonnie Christine [00:02:52]:

That is a lovely compliment. Thank you. Thank you. I feel the same way about you. We're gonna talk about some So so much goodness today, specifically around entrepreneurship and building a business. Yep. I would love for you to kind of give today, your version of every to everyone of what you do.

Glo Atanmo [00:03:13]:

Yeah. So I like to say that I give professional guidance with a personal touch. And I think my edge or my advantage is that I've been posting on the Internet for 23 years. And I was 11 years old when computers were brought into classrooms in California. So grew up with like, oh, what's this thing? Everyone is outside playing recess and tetherball, but like we have these At the time, there were the box Mac cameras with the

Bonnie Christine [00:03:39]:

Oh, yeah.

Glo Atanmo [00:03:40]:

Or computers with the pink and the teal on the back. And I I just obsessed over figuring this thing out. And thankfully, my teacher miss Ruth was like, yeah, if you wanna stay in and you don't wanna play with your friends. I was like, I don't have friends. I don't know make friends. Like, you grow up trying to figure out, like, what is my thing that I can do to just belonged. And so I found my belonging by writing my story on the internet, sharing what I was feeling. And that led to 2 decades of just putting myself out there and sharing with others that your belonging first starts with you.

Glo Atanmo [00:04:17]:

And if you love who you are and you love what you do, that is gonna be your greatest superpower.

Bonnie Christine [00:04:23]:

You know, it's such a testament to consistency and how consistency is really your best Friend when, you are looking to build a business and find success because it allows you to pivot and turn. And I think that's What I've loved watching about you so much is that you have taken many twists and turns in your business. You've pivoted, And you call yourself niche less. Is that right? Yeah. So talk to us about that because I think this idea Of having to have a well defined niche can almost be paralyzing sometimes because you you're putting yourself in something that you wanna be known for for the rest of your life feels like a big deal.

Glo Atanmo [00:05:07]:

It's terrifying. And I think as creators and entrepreneurs, we, of course, want to, like, map out our future and have a vision of like, okay, this is where I'm heading. But we also wanna leave space to take a couple detours and figure out like, oh, actually, this is what brings me a lot of joy right now. And what would happen if I just diverted my path just a little bit because I'm still moving forward, and I might not be going in the same direction, but I know that I'm still gonna reach some destination. As long as they stay consistent. And so many of us are probably driven by the fear of like, well, this is what's bringing me the most amount of certainty. I know exactly where this is headed. This is all I know.

Glo Atanmo [00:05:49]:

This is what I'm gonna stick to because it makes sense. But I love this idea of being a little unpredictable. Because not only does it keep your audience on their their toes, like, what's gonna gonna do next? But it also surprises you and keeps you feeling alive because you don't even know what you're gonna do next. And so this journey of every day, like, well, let's see what I feel like doing. But also, if I stack all of these days of doing something different and adding these random ingredients to build this soup of a recipe. Like, woah. That's gonna be a really unique life, and I can't wait to meet that person on the other side.

Bonnie Christine [00:06:26]:

That's exciting. That'll get you out of bed in the morning.

Glo Atanmo [00:06:29]:


Bonnie Christine [00:06:30]:

So when I look at you, I think that one of the things that you've done so well that has allowed you to do this is build a personal brand. Is that what you would also say has allowed you to kind of pivot and turn?

Glo Atanmo [00:06:42]:

Absolutely. And I think that goes back to being niche less. Because when you build a personal brand, like, you are the niche. And so people will follow whatever direction can you go because they're so connected to your story and the person behind the business. And I'm also mindful that, like, Our favorite brands that we grew up, you know, just buying, over consuming. But Nike was one of those brands for me. I was like Phil Knight with, you know, his book Shoe Dog. This is a brilliant story.

Glo Atanmo [00:07:13]:

And it wasn't the check mark that we got attached to, it was Serena Williams, it was Tiger Woods, it was Michael Jordan, and they personified this energy and this idea of just doing it, just going after it, whatever that goal or dream is. And so you would watch the Nike commercials, and you're like, oh, yeah. Like, I you know? And you don't have a lick of athletic ability, but you're like, I could do something in that form with whatever my dream is. And I got so connected to that feeling. So if we as personal brands can also create that and build our brand around an emotion, a movement, a message, a mission. That's what people latch on to more than

Bonnie Christine [00:07:56]:

the actual business or product that you sell. You know, there's conflicting advice out there. Like, you should always build a business that you could sell. Yeah. Or maybe you don't wanna be the brand because you wanna you wanna build something that lives on be beyond you and things like that. Yep. And I've been thinking a lot over the last year, specifically for the creative, that it is not just what you make or produce. It is you, and that's what makes you different.

Bonnie Christine [00:08:27]:

It's what, For me, it kind of is what, reduces my worry about people stealing my art or AI replacing whatever Because well, I'm attached to it. My personal brand is attached to the work, which means that not only can I pivot, but that I really am truly, uniquely me? And so no worries. Nobody can copy that. No one can replace that. Right?

Glo Atanmo [00:08:52]:

Absolutely. And If everyone can think of like 1 person that they really admire, whether they're a singer or an actress, Oprah is my person. And I look at Oprah, the person, but also Oprah, the journalist, Oprah, the TV anchor, Oprah, the TV host, Oprah, the producer, the network owner. It has been Oprah at every season. No matter what she did, people could copy the format, the style, the personality. But Oprah was Oprah at every season. And that's what makes her this multi billionaire. Hello.

Glo Atanmo [00:09:27]:

But, you know, it just it's so liberating when you allow yourself to step into the power of just owning a personal brand that has an identity that is fluid, dynamic, but also is what connects their audience to them at the end of the day.

Bonnie Christine [00:09:47]:

So something that we work through a lot here on the podcast is kind of that fear of putting yourself out there. And a lot of times we tend to hide behind our work because we wanna show the the fruits of our labor. We can show our process. We can show our finished work. But to really stand confidently and say, here I am, is an entirely different kind of thing that you have to approach and get comfortable with. So What would you say to someone who's really looking to step in to that personal brand and own it?

Glo Atanmo [00:10:21]:

Let me first say that I again, 23 years of posting on the Internet, and I felt this last week, I'm still afraid of being seen. Thank you for saying that.

Bonnie Christine [00:10:30]:

I think we all are all the time.

Glo Atanmo [00:10:32]:

We just and all it takes is me coming across an article of someone that I respect and someone else tearing them down or a Twitter thread ripping them to shreds. And I'm just like, Like, you this is a person. And I think the more powerful someone becomes, the less humanity we give them, the less compassion we have for them. And that terrifies me. Because I'm still a person and I never wanna get so big that it's like, oh, easy for you to say, glow with your 1,000,000 in your mansion. Like, I never wanna be so unrelatable that people take away my humanity. And so part of me is like, okay, let me show that I'm successful because that gives me credibility, but let me stay close enough to the ground and humble so that people know that I I get it. I'm with you.

Glo Atanmo [00:11:22]:

You know, I'm here. Yeah. It's this constant tug of war and it sucks. And to this day, I'm still battling with it. But if I had 1 piece of advice is when I create content, like right now I'm in this space where I'm like producing I'm writing these soundbite messages exactly as they're coming out. And I don't filter myself when I write. And that's interesting. Because it's like your your your diary.

Glo Atanmo [00:11:50]:

It's like publishing your diary. But I'm like, no. Like, Put it out as raw as you thought it and then polish it up later. And I let the rawness sit for a day. And then the next stay when it's ready to be polished, I'm like, oh, here's what I think I meant. Here's what the public might perceive. Here's the attack that I could get for saying this. And here's what I'm okay with putting out.

Bonnie Christine [00:12:14]:

Yeah. So less in the moment, More, really being thoughtful about all the different angles. And and, you know, there's some kind of unattachment To that as well. Like, I know I'm thinking of someone right right now that I heard recently say That if you want a piece of content to go viral, it has to be controversial. And so the more the better. In his mind, the more the better because all it's doing is driving the algorithm. And I'm like, oh, but that oh, But no. It's hard.

Glo Atanmo [00:12:50]:

You know, that's super interesting. When I was in a season of being a travel writer And I was doing a lot of solo travel, and a lot of my content was centered around, you know, budget friendly places or the most luxurious places, beautiful places, all that kinda stuff. It was all opinion based. It was all based on my experience. And I went viral twice through articles. Like one specifically, I would get these messages from, like, college friends who kept asked me, how do you afford to travel? Because they knew that I was poor growing up and they knew that they made more than me. So they weren't asking out of, like, admiration and curiosity. It was like, how can someone like you be traveling to these places when, you know, I'm clearly better off than you? And so I wrote this article that was titled, Stop asking me how I afford to travel.

Glo Atanmo [00:13:40]:

And it went viral. I think a half a 1000000 views back then when people read articles. Tens of thousands of shares. And so, of course, like, emails of, like, you know, must be nice to, you know, spend daddy's credit card to fund your trips. And my dad had passed away that year before. So it was just all of this trust fund baby this. And I was like, Oh, wow, what? What? What? People don't even care to like, even like a Google search or just, oh, you're you're rich husband. I was single.

Glo Atanmo [00:14:11]:

Like, people will just blurt out whatever makes them feel justified for not living the life that they truly want for themselves. And so I recognize that, like, while Virality did numbers for my business, it got me brand deals. It actually got me a lot of, sponsored trips after that. And I was like, oh, okay. So this is the price, but this is the prize. Price. Price. And you have to weigh out the ratio.

Glo Atanmo [00:14:36]:

Before you deeply desire something, write out all the prices that you might have to pay to get the thing. And once I went viral enough times, I was like, I'm done paying the price. And now I'm only creating things that feel safe, and that wouldn't scare me if someone tried to, like, throw it in my face 10 years later.

Bonnie Christine [00:14:57]:

Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I love that. Like, a good sleep on what you're gonna share and then thinking about it from all the different angles makes you feel more confident. I love

Glo Atanmo [00:15:08]:

that. Yeah. And it's it's always going to be a journey. Like, we grow and evolve and new information, new books, new studies, new research, like all of that shapes how we believe and how we show up in the world. And if you do change the way you think and you've already put out a piece of content that is contradicting, you have to be okay with that because a finished piece of content is better than, like, a a finished thought with unfinished content. So put out the unfinished thought as long as it's a finished piece of content. Yeah. That's impactful.

Bonnie Christine [00:15:47]:

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Bonnie Christine [00:16:35]:

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Bonnie Christine [00:17:20]:

Come on. I'll meet you there.

Bonnie Christine [00:17:23]:

Okay. I wanna talk about pivoting in your business. Can you just give listeners an idea of the different kind of pivots you've made in your business? What have you been known for? I know you can rattle off at least A handful.

Glo Atanmo [00:17:38]:

I only speak of recently because being being, a 12 year old blogger who was sharing all the cute guys in school their names. That is not my proudest, era of my Internet posting date. But, yeah, I I think, probably most notably was travel blogging. Like, that was something that was, like, a good portion of my life, maybe 7 or 8 years. And then I started diving into personal development, like, what it meant to be a thought leader. And then motivational speaking, like, did the whole, like, Tony Robbins' stage and stuff, and, like, got to see what that world was like. And then as an ambitious woman, I had always, like, struggled with dating. And so, like, once I found love, you know, recently engaged, I was like, oh, okay.

Glo Atanmo [00:18:31]:

Maybe there's there's something here to to share with people. And I would say that was the hardest and weirdest and strangest pivot because that happened, yeah, I I would say probably in the last 12 months where Yeah. It just started off as something where I was like, you know, we have been dating for a few months, and I'm like, this is my person. It's that when you know, you know. And I'm like, oh, I get I get okay. This is Yeah. It it's easy. We don't have to like force connection.

Glo Atanmo [00:18:58]:

We don't have to romanticize each other. You get me, I get you. We want life partnership. Yes. Like, love, romanticism, Hollywood stories. No. Like, from a very, like, methodical level. We understand life partnership.

Glo Atanmo [00:19:13]:

And so once I was like, yeah. Let me just share the update on on Instagram of, like, I'm taken. It was never meant to be more than just that post. And once I received so many comments and personal friends who were like my millionaire girlfriends who were really successful, CEOs of their business, texting me like, glow how, glow where, glow when, plea help. Because they had struggled so much as ambitious women intimidating, like, their counterparts. So I was like, oh, well, okay, I'll just share, you know, more snippets, sound bites. And 2 weeks later, when I saw the same comments and questions coming in, I was like, okay. Let me put together a little ebook guide, little dating guide.

Glo Atanmo [00:19:58]:

$27, really low ticket. A month later, it was a 6 figure product. It had earned me 6 figures in under a month. And I'm just like, this was not a business. It was a literal experiment just to help. And that's the beauty of pivoting. You don't know how much money you are missing out on by not experimenting and trying to build things because we want that guarantee of success. This has to work.

Glo Atanmo [00:20:25]:

We're gonna overoptimize, overplan, strategize. Here's the funnel. Sometimes it's literally just answering the questions and then creating something that's easily digestible for the masses. Mhmm.

Bonnie Christine [00:20:38]:

That it my question that I would love for you to answer is, how do you know it's time to pivot?

Glo Atanmo [00:20:45]:

Oh. I always relate being a creator to being a musician. And Harry Styles, I think, said this on his last tour where it's hard for him to tour because he's already on the next album while he has to sing the current one. And imagine people are paying 100 of dollars to see you perform your music, and you're already onto the next album. Like, that's a really tough place to be. And I think as entrepreneurs and creators, like, we often live in that space as well where we have to hold space for who we are, but then make room for the person that we can become. And when the person that you can come is tugging at you harder than the person that you are, I think that's a good indicator to pivot. But also and also be smart about, like, what it means about the income that you might have to let go of because you can't just chase every inclination for novelty.

Glo Atanmo [00:21:36]:

Like, I feel new. I want different. I must pivot because said, you just try and experience. And I'm like, no. Listen. If you got kids and bills, do what's smart and what makes sense, and then make the hard pivot when, like, the new thing replaces the income.

Bonnie Christine [00:21:53]:

Yeah. And I love How you really listened to the people in your audience. Yeah. Like when someone is asking you for something Over and over and over again, I kind of had this moment with education. Like I didn't set out to educate. It wasn't on my radar. It wasn't on my 10 year vision plan.

Glo Atanmo [00:22:13]:

None of us did.

Bonnie Christine [00:22:15]:

And it's like asking over and over and over again, and I had this moment of like, you know what? Okay. And look, you know, look what happened. And so I think sometimes we underestimate responding to the questions that we're getting. And then also, sometimes I see people make offers. Right? They come out with a new product or something and it falls flat. And I'm like, well, how many times have people asked you for that? And they're like, oh, well, never. It's just something that I I wanted to do. And there's Something there to really listening, having an ear to the ground, would you say?

Glo Atanmo [00:22:48]:

Yeah. And I think it's okay if you, I don't know. You answer a certain tug that you feel, like, called to create something. Because it's obviously, the money and the success of a product is a byproduct of building it. But it shouldn't be the only thing that, you know, calls you to do something. Like, there are those passion projects that might not make you a time. But you feel so good and fulfilled, and you learn so much about yourself and maybe develop a new skill set in the process of building it. And I think that's just as important.

Glo Atanmo [00:23:22]:

Like, I don't need everything I do to be a best seller. Like, I have 11 ebooks. All of them have done at least 6 figures, except for 1. It was a home office boho style guide. Like, you can see it. Yeah. I I this is my 1st place. I was nomadic for 8 years, lived through 99 countries across 6 continents.

Glo Atanmo [00:23:44]:

And when I got this place, I was like, okay, I wanna live in a high rise, And I only wanna furnish everything through Amazon because I don't like shopping, and I need everything delivered to my doorstep. So in 2 weeks, I built every shelf, mattress, bed, table, chair. I put everything together, and then I compiled a list on Amazon of everything that I bought. And I did that for me. It was like I mean, it it brought in, like, 20 k, which is a a failure, relatively speaking, to the other ebooks. But I was like, this is something that was just fun to make. And I have this directory of all the things that I did to furnish this place on my own. And as someone who lived out of a suitcase for so many years, I'd walk into this place with this deep sense of gratitude, not because of the things, but because I could finally see what success afforded me.

Glo Atanmo [00:24:32]:

I I wasn't buying any I was maybe taking a nice, you know, yacht trip, you know, as to to feel successful. But to be in a place where I'm like, oh, wow, that that was a course that bought me that. That was an ebook. That was a speaking engagement that caught me that. That was a feeling that I was so new to it. I was like, oh, this is cool.

Bonnie Christine [00:24:52]:

That leads me to my next thought that I wanna hear you talk about is really Defining what success is for you. And I know your success, Glo. You are a phenomenal entrepreneur. You run a 7 figure business. And I've also heard you talk about how you don't necessarily just want more and more and more, which I think is kind of the entrepreneurs, Like MO. Like, it's just always, well, can I outperform the last? And so could you just speak to that, like satisfaction and what success means to you, how that has played out for you over the last few years.

Glo Atanmo [00:25:29]:

Yeah. Like, I have a lot to give. And I know the gifts that I have and the potential that I have. I want to give I wanna die empty. I want to know that on my deathbed, I'm like, I'm ready. Like, take me home to glory. God, like, let's do this. I I I just I really wanna steward his gifts well.

Glo Atanmo [00:25:54]:

And I also know that I am deeply introverted, And I have I struggle with a little bit of social anxiety. And I love my solitude. And I I don't Wanna be famous. I want my work to speak louder than myself. And when I would look, like, I'm thankful to be in certain rooms where I could see the the byproduct of fame or or deep success. And I'm like, oh, I really don't want that. I I still enjoy, Like, just being a human and just walking down the street and just not having expectations to, like, be and be on and form for people all the time. And so I just took all of that into consideration, like, as I was building up.

Glo Atanmo [00:26:40]:

And I had a friend who told me this recently. She's been in my life for a decade and she's seen all my pivots and the success journey and all that. She's like, Glo, I I just I just wanna let you know, like, it's really impressive how you haven't girl bossed your way out of relatability. And I laughed so hard because I understood exactly what she was saying. Yep. And I think there's a way to be so ambitious and so driven that you turn off every other aspect of your life for the sake of being that a person that has the 1,000,000 or the billions. And there's nothing wrong with that if success is a $100,000,000 portfolio. Like, no shade.

Glo Atanmo [00:27:23]:

And I think the clearer you get about what brings you genuine, unadulterated joy, like, And you'll realize the most valuable things in life, you can't buy anyway. So what are you doing to currently invest in that? The relationships, the love, the kindness, the gratitude, the compassion, all the things that don't have a price tag. If you're not working on that now at this current income level, Collapse is not guaranteed, but oh my goodness, it is very likely. And we see so many horror stories In Hollywood, because of that, it's like they didn't develop themselves before they got all the things that came with the fame and the riches. And so I'm just so big on personal development. And so if my journey of entrepreneurship, which I know I'm gonna be doing for life, I'll probably write my final ebook on my deathbed. Like, Wait, wait, publish this one, proceed to this charity. Like, I just have so much that I wanna share.

Glo Atanmo [00:28:20]:

And that for me is success, loving who I am, loving what I do, and loving who I am while I do it. K.

Bonnie Christine [00:28:29]:

So I know that you have something coming up that is a way That you are sharing with so many people, the wisdom that you hold. Will you tell us about it?

Glo Atanmo [00:28:39]:

Thank you. Yeah. It's This is like a business bundle. So I know oftentimes, like, when we we know that we wanna do better in life or in our business and we don't know where to start. And so I look back kind of on, like, my discography of all the video lessons, all the the courses, the ebooks, all the things that I've created. And I kind of put together this, like, puzzle, and it's gonna be like an advent calendar, like a business bundle advent calendar. And so each day it's like a different video lesson, a different course, a different product that's meant to help you on your creator or entrepreneurial journey. And it's timeless lessons on top of it.

Glo Atanmo [00:29:16]:

It's strategy, but it's also like development. It's mindset. It's like very proprietary processes, tools, systems. Like, I'm terrified because I'm like, I know what this is worth, but I'm gonna put myself out there and just, like, be generous for the holiday season and hope that it reaches all the people who need

Bonnie Christine [00:29:35]:

it. Yeah. Okay. This is the best advent calendar ever for entrepreneurs. It's like this is what you want for Christmas. Where can people go to find out more? 2024businessbundle.com. 2024businessbundle.com. We'll put that in the show notes for today's episode as well.

Bonnie Christine [00:29:55]:

I would also love to have you talk about the idea for this. I know a little bit from talking with you earlier. I just love the practice of ideation, specifically when it's something that you've never done before. And I don't know about you, but I have I get to a place where I actually don't really do something that I haven't done before very often. It kind of goes on this annual cycle where we're doing the same thing, but, you know, refresh for this year. So like a new idea, Forging new ground, new path, new new ideation is so exciting. Can you talk about that?

Glo Atanmo [00:30:30]:

Yes. And first, I want to just edify you because I think it is the most courageous thing to be able to do the the consistent thing. And and show up and do it. Because we're not all wired like that, but I think that's the braver path. Because It's easy to get bored, but to do it in spite of the boredom. Because if you're on a flight, you don't want your pilot to be like, today I feel called to just try a different route. You want your pilot to show up, do his job, him or her, and fly you to your destination.

Bonnie Christine [00:31:07]:

That's so good. That's so true.

Glo Atanmo [00:31:09]:

We don't need creative pilots.

Bonnie Christine [00:31:14]:

I am this weird creature of habit. I I do like I like a rinse and repeat. I like a habit. And I know that that's not true for you. We've talked about this because it's also not true for my husband. You 2 have very similar Personalities. But I think we need to talk about that more.

Glo Atanmo [00:31:32]:

Yeah. Just the just the the thought of that analogy, which is hilarious. So I'm like, wow. That's Really true. It just came to me.

Bonnie Christine [00:31:41]:

Mm-mm. Creatives don't need to be pilots.

Glo Atanmo [00:31:43]:

Exactly. And I think when I'm in the ideating stage, there's so much, like, I oscillate between excitement and doubt. I'm like, oh, but what but then like, but that's been done. Oh, will that work? That's probably no one's gonna get that. And I allow myself to have a day where I'm just like back and forth in my mind, just like fleshing out all the reasons it won't work, but also all the reasons it will. And then I get out my whiteboard and I just like I had this, like, massive, you know, anyone can get it on Amazon, whiteboard where I'm like, okay. Here here's the market. Here's here's the the concept.

Glo Atanmo [00:32:23]:

Here's the idea. Here are the 25 days and all the things that I think, okay, do a value ascension and kind of like map out all the things that someone might need on their creator journey. Also put the level on each day. This is more intermediate. This is advanced. This is for all levels. And I just I allow myself to be a kid in a playground, and I just I go to work. And it's almost cliche to say it's that late night session.

Glo Atanmo [00:32:46]:

I have, like, a color light, so I use blue. If anyone's curious, blue light is great for productivity and focus. So I'm Really? It is. So I put my blue lamp on and it's just glow. Yeah. And then I just have, like I either have a gospel soundtrack or an affirmation soundtrack in the background on the speakers, and I'm just like, Someone else is drowning out my own self doubt. Like, I'm like, okay, feed me. Feed me.

Glo Atanmo [00:33:11]:

And I just I am almost this creative or this mad scientist. I don't even recognize myself in that moment. And I won't go to bed until I finish. It could be 4 AM and I'm like, nope. I'm still I don't I abandon my routine on days where an idea comes to me. Because that is the most precious hour to honor the sacredness of like, you just never know what it could become. And sometimes I'm like, oh, well, think about it tomorrow. If tomorrow comes you're like, oh, it's stupid.

Glo Atanmo [00:33:43]:

I said, no, it's not, you just give it an hour, like flesh it out and get through. And so I I have, like, 2 of those moments per year. And when they come, I'm like, it's happening. It's happening. Like, the office, like, it's happening. Everybody stay calm. Stay calm.

Bonnie Christine [00:33:59]:

Okay. I love this. Do you have any filters that help you decide between what's an idea worth doing this with and what's Just an idea that might just be like a distraction.

Glo Atanmo [00:34:13]:

Oh. It's a really great question. I have, and I think every entrepreneur, business owner should have this, a list of my favorite clients. And this sounds bad. I'm gonna say this, but, like, I hope my clients aren't listening.

Bonnie Christine [00:34:32]:

They all think that they're on the favorite list. It's okay.

Glo Atanmo [00:34:35]:

They all are, of course. But these are people who are just quality students. They make you excited to be a teacher role, like, in your teacher role. They just they're receptive. They're open minded. They're transparent. They do the work. They don't blame you for not like, oh, I they don't wait for you to give them steps.

Glo Atanmo [00:34:55]:

They're they're proactive, and they take accountability and responsibility for their future. Like, they that's the kinda student I am, and so I love to see that in students when I'm a teacher. Yeah. And so anytime I have an idea that I'm like, is this a distraction or do I think there's, like, weight to it? I email that, like, very small list of people. And I'm like, hey. Does this sound interesting to you? And I let them give me honest feedback about, like, well, What if it was like this? Or it wouldn't this be combined with this? Because they are the people that are almost like lifetimers. They've enrolled and taken every single product or service that I've offered so they know me in a way that my other clients don't. So I also allow them to give me the honest feedback of like, okay, this also sounds like something that you did like this.

Glo Atanmo [00:35:42]:

Is this an updated version of it? I'm like, oh, is it? And so that's what I do. And based on their feedback, I either launch it or I just keep it

Bonnie Christine [00:35:49]:

in the archives. You you create like a hot seat for yourself.

Glo Atanmo [00:35:54]:

Oh, pretty much.

Bonnie Christine [00:35:56]:

Yeah. I did this recently with this idea of the coaching program that you you saw. Yeah. So a couple of months before that, I just called myself a little hot seat with the people who I would say are are just like what you're saying. They're the people who know me inside and out. They know what I'm capable of. They know what I teach, and they they'll know whether this is an idea worth Worth pursuing or not. So I love that.

Glo Atanmo [00:36:22]:

That's awesome. Yeah.

Bonnie Christine [00:36:24]:

Glow, you're amazing. Thank you so much for joining us today.

Glo Atanmo [00:36:28]:

Always a pleasure. Seriously, I am so excited for your new program. For anyone who hasn't joined yet, like, you're gonna be missing out. Like, and excited to help any way I can, seriously. Like, it just it's such a it's such a great way to pour into people.

Bonnie Christine [00:36:43]:

Yeah. It has been amazing, and I know we're gonna feature you at some point in there too, though. Thank you so much. Thank you for joining us. Listeners, Create the beauty that you want to see come alive in the world. And remember, there's room for you.

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