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99: Progress Over Perfection: Our Podcast in Action

creative entrepreneurship systems and processes Nov 14, 2023
Progress Over Perfection: Our Podcast in Action on the Professional Creative with Bonnie Christine

If you find yourself hesitating to start a project, launch a business, or pursue a creative endeavor because you're waiting for the perfect conditions, then this episode is a must-listen! Listen along as I provide actionable steps to keep perfectionism from stopping you in your tracks and making tangible progress.

Embrace progress, not perfection, because that understandingcomes in the doing. It does not come before you begin.

Discussed in this episode

  • The concept of “Goldilocking” and how it applies to creative entrepreneurship
  • Practical tips for overcoming Goldilocking—such as setting deadlines, eliminating perfectionism, finding accountability partners, and facing fears
  • The importance of celebrating small wins and progress in creative endeavors to build confidence


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