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97: Working Through Creative Block

creative entrepreneurship creativity Nov 07, 2023

We've all experienced that feeling of staring at a blank canvas or a blank screen, unsure of how to start or move forward with our creative projects— and it’s important that we work through those fears and not let them stop us. That’s why in this episode, I’m sharing my  top 10 tips for getting unstuck and back into your creative groove. From simply starting and focusing on the habit of creating, to playing tricks on yourself and taking breaks, these strategies will help you overcome creative block and reignite your creativity. Plus, I have a special gift for you—a downloadable guide called "1 Year of Daily Art Prompts" to jumpstart your creativity. Listen in so we can conquer creative block together.

Download your free guide: 1 year of daily art prompts



Discussed in this episode

  • The importance of starting and taking the pressure off when facing creative block
  • How to establish a habit of consistently making marks and engaging in creative work  
  • Strategies for tricking your mind and getting out of your own way when starting a new project 
  • The benefits of taking breaks and stepping away from your work to avoid burnout and gain new perspectives
  • The value of seeking inspiration outside of technology and the impact it can have on revitalizing your creativity


Review of the week: 


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