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Episode 9: How to Hack Your Willpower for Increased Creativity

creative entrepreneurship goal-setting mindset Nov 29, 2022

How to hack your willpower for greater creativity and productivity

In this episode, we’re going to talk about willpower and how it can affect our creativity. I also share how to take advantage of your willpower when it’s at its highest, plus the eight ways I hack my own willpower to set myself up for success.

As soon as we start,
things begin to flow.
Use every ounce of willpower you have to just start.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Willpower prioritizes long-term satisfaction over short-term gratification.
  • Our willpower fluctuates on any given day.
  • It’s helpful to document your willpower and monitor it as a study, without emotions involved.
  • “Using self control and effectively can actually lead to stronger willpower muscles.”
  • The eight ways I “hack” my own willpower.

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Review of the week:

Encouraging and insightful

What an uplifting and informative podcast about the creative process (and the business side of it)! Just five episodes in and I’m already hooked. Bonnie Christine shares tips tricks and great stories, and does it all in a calm voice that is very pleasing to listen to.

—Keiko Saile


Take time to notice your willpower throughout the day. Determine when your willpower is at your highest and plan your time accordingly.


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