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Episode 8: Behind the Scenes of our Annual Team Retreat

business creative entrepreneurship Nov 24, 2022

Meet Team Bonnie!

I’m excited to introduce my team at Bonnie Christine! Though I spent about ten years as a solo-preneur, we are now a team of eight (myself included). In this episode, you’re invited to come behind the scenes for a glimpse at our annual team retreat.

We work together with you at the forefront of everything we do.

From Left to Right: Rebecca, Nikkita, Bonnie, Arin, Ashley, Ephia, Kiley, Lisa

Meet the Team:

  • Bonnie Christine, Founder & Visionary
  • Lisa Jacobs, Integrator
  • Nikkita Cohoon, Program Manager
  • Ephia Covington, Virtual Assistant
  • Rebecca Barreda, Lead Designer
  • Kiley Bennet, Head of Customer Support
  • Ashley Rodgers, Customer Success Champion
  • Arin Guthe, Content Producer

Discussed in this episode:

  • As a virtual team of 8, it’s important for us to meet at least once a year for a mix of business and fun.
  • We scheduled in both business and fun—We start lowkey, get pampered, and eat good food. But we also get deep into business!
  • I brought in a photographer to get headshots and capture the team together.
  • The retreat brings us together for our common purpose and connects us on a human level.
  • Our team’s favorite moments from our retreat in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Review of the week:

Great behind the scenes info!

As a new surface designer I think I have watched every Skillshare class, YouTube video and interview Bonnie has ever done! Love that I can carry her around for my ears now too!



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