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77: Working from Rest

life and business Aug 22, 2023
Working from Rest | The Professional Creative with Bonnie Christine

We don't rest from work, we work from rest. Prioritizing rest to amplify creativity and productivity. From the sanctity of sleep to the joy of hobbies, like my delightful dabble into pottery, I unravel how finding rest and peace is the ultimate foundation for meaningful work.

Being a creative entrepreneur, I understand the blurred lines between work and passion, but through my journey, I've learned the importance of setting boundaries and finding spaces of relaxation. Whether it's a cherished family trip, a staycation, or simply taking time off to immerse in a book, it's all about rejuvenating the soul.

Join me as we explore how to genuinely prioritize self, ensuring we're always working from a place of rest and not the other way around. Here, we celebrate the beauty of creation and remember – in the vast canvas of life, there's always room for you.

Ways I work from Rest

  • Prioritize sleep—For me this looks like getting around 9 hours of sleep most nights.
  • Protect your evenings and weekends—I set work hours for myself and do my best to keep them. Weekends and evenings are for time with my family and non-work activities.
  • Vacation—Time away can look like a couple days unplugged, family trips, or overnights. The goal is to have enough wiggle room to step away. 
  • Play time—Do things just for fun that stretch you, that you're not trying to monetize. What's a way for you to play? For me right now this looks like pottery.


Review of the week: 

Bonnie is a BOSS!

I seriously cannot say enough good things about Bonnie Christine and the invaluable resources and insight that she offers. This podcast is GOLD. It’s the only Podcast I binge (and that includes any true crime series!). Every episode is packed with so much wisdom for creative entrepreneurs, and I’m thankful to be reaping the benefits of Bonnie answering her calling. 💖



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