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58: The 3 Phases of Creativity: A Blueprint for Sustainable Success

creative delegation life and business Jun 13, 2023
The 3 Phases of Creativity: How to Build a Blueprint for Sustainable Success | The Professional Creative with Bonnie Christine

Have you been chasing the perfect balance between work and life? When you love what you do, it can be hard to find. In this episode, we’ll explore the idea of balance and the importance and interplay of the three pivotal phases of creativity—inspiration, creation, and rejuvenation. I break down these phases, sharing my personal experiences and tips on how to smoothly transition between them, harnessing their power to drive your creative journey forward.

We delve into recognizing the phase you're currently in, and how to shift gears when necessary to foster resilience and maintain a constant creative rhythm. Then tune in for next episode 59 when I dive deeper into the topic of burnout.

Discussed in this episode:

  • The essential 3 phases of creativity and how to balance them to avoid burnout and achieve personal and professional growth.
  • How to recognize which phase of creativity you are in and how to transition to the next as needed.
  • The benefits of incorporating designated times for learning, implementation, and rejuvenation in your creative journey.


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Review of the week: 

Bonnie is such a light!

I genuinely love listening to these podcasts. I always leave feeling uplifted and motivated. I’ve always struggled with self limiting beliefs and Bonnie has such a special gift of positivity and belief in people that it has helped me feel that I CAN chase after my dreams and that there are people and resources out there that can help me along the way. I’ve never found someone who has spoken so directly to me and my fears and helped me get through them. Thank you Bonnie!



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