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42: The 5-Minute Daily Brain Dump: Clear Your Mind and Boost Productivity

business planning creative entrepreneurship goal-setting habits Apr 18, 2023

In this episode, I’m sharing about my personal approach to a “daily brain dump practice that has transformed my approach to to-do lists, and how it has helped me to transition from work to personal life, clear mental bandwidth, improve creativity, and reduce mental fatigue. Listen along for tips on how to establish this habit and simple methods for incorporating it. By doing a daily brain dump, you'll be more present in your real life and more efficient in tackling your tasks the following day.

A daily brain dump will reduce the number of decisions really that you have to make—
which just does your brain a big favor!


Review of the week: 

I love this podcast! 

I have been listening on my way to work in the morning and there is so much valuable information and inspiration to do what you love. I can’t wait to jump in and learn more :)



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