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31: How to Thrive as a Creative: Moving from Fear to Abundance

creative entrepreneurship mindset Mar 09, 2023
How to Thrive as a Creative: Moving from Fear to Abundance on the Professional Creative with Bonnie Christine

In this episode of the Professional Creative Podcast, I'll share how to adopt an abundance-based mindset. Staying in a fear-based mindset can significantly impact your creative practice and business, but moving to an abundance-based mindset is something we can all do. It's about believing in your unique perspective and voice, being open to new opportunities, and trusting the process.

Discussed in this episode:

  • While a fear-based mindset can limit creativity, stifle experimentation, and hinder growth in both creative practice and business, moving to an abundance-based mindset can increase creativity, encourage experimentation, and accelerate growth.
  • To adopt an "abundance filter" identify your fear-based mindsets and reframe them.
  • Examples of fear-based mindsets include fear of failure, fear of not being good enough, fear of not making money, fear of not being tech-savvy, fear of being too old or young, fear of being an imposter, and fear of a saturated market.
  • Examples of abundance-based mindsets include believing in the beauty and value of your artwork, being open to success and ready to receive abundance, trusting your ability to learn and find help, and recognizing the need for your unique perspective in the world.

Reflect & Take Action

Take a moment to identify your own fear-based mindsets, put your abundance filter on and reframe them into abundance-based mindsets.


Review of the week:


So happy to have found this!

I discovered Bonnie about two weeks ago and have since joined her immersion class. So much excitement to then find there is a podcast. After listening to episode 1 (after being happy that I had only missed a few dozen and can fairly quickly devour the rest) I feel this amazing podcast was hatched at the perfect time. Thank you!!



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