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Episode 30: Stand in Your Power: I Am an Artist.

affirmations business creative entrepreneurship Mar 07, 2023
Episode 30 with Bonnie Christine: Stand in Your Power: I am an artist

In this episode of The Professional Creative podcast, I share my personal experience of pursuing a career in creativity and offer insights on how to confidently pursue a career in the arts.

I want to help you stand in your power
and stand in your confidence
of being whatever it is that you want to be
even when people don't think it's a real job.

I talk about the challenges of pursuing creative careers and the importance of standing in your power and confidence when people don't take you seriously. Throughout this episode, I encourage you to feel confident in their pursuit of a creative career and to talk to the people in your life about taking it seriously and so they can learn how to support and encourage you, even if they don't think it's a real job just yet. I hope this episode helps you stand up a little straighter and be a little bit more confident in your pursuit of a career in creativity. 

5 Reasons You Can Confidently Claim Being an Artist is a real job

  1. The definition of a real job is changing. Being an entrepreneur and pursuing creative careers are becoming more accepted and legitimate ways of making a living.

  2. Art and creativity are essential parts of the human experience, bringing beauty, meaning, and joy to people's lives.

Living in a world without art and creative pursuits is not a world that we want to live in.
  1. Pursuing a career in creativity requires hard work, discipline, and dedication. Creating a successful business out of art involves marketing, audience building, and shipping out orders, among other things.

  2. Art can be incredibly profitable. Artists can create diversified income streams through various avenues such as selling original art, art prints, and products they design or through selling digital goods or information-based products.

  3. Pursuing your passion is important. Life is short, and it's important to do work that brings fulfillment and joy. Pursuing a career in creativity can inspire others to pursue what makes them happy as well.


Review of the week:


So happy to have found this!

I discovered Bonnie about two weeks ago and have since joined her immersion class. So much excitement to then find there is a podcast. After listening to episode 1 (after being happy that I had only missed a few dozen and can fairly quickly devour the rest) I feel this amazing podcast was hatched at the perfect time. Thank you!!



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