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Episode 29: What Problem Do We Solve?

creative entrepreneurship marketing mindset Mar 02, 2023
What Problem Do We Solve as Artists with Illustrator Sarah Watts

Unlocking the Power of a Growth Mindset for Your Business and Market Your Art

In this podcast episode, I’m joined by Illustrator Sarah Watts for a conversation around art and marketing. As artists, we solve problems and bring joy to the world and to people’s homes.

We’re in the business of doing legacy work. Listen in to see how we can change the world, one design at a time.

We’re making tremendous change and impact by simply adding beautiful things to the world.

Discussed in this episode:

  • Having a growth mindset recognizes actions come from what we believe about ourselves, whereas a fixed mindset believes we can’t change. 
  • If you are creating artwork to contribute financially to your life, then you have a business. A business is about making money, and marketing is a crucial part of it.
  • Heartfelt marketing means truly believing in what you sell and the problem it solves.
  • If you think you don’t solve problems, but just “make pretty things,” remember that a world without art isn’t one anyone wants to live in.
  • Think about the problem you really solve by going deep—why does someone truly buy wallpaper or art for their space? What impact does it have on their space and their lives? What feeling or transformation is someone seeking?

Resources & Links

Meet Sarah Watts | Website | Instagram | Crafted Moon

Sarah is an illustrator and business owner based in Atlanta, GA. She graduated from Ringling College in 2008 with a BFA in Illustration. She landed her first job at Carter's/OshKosh, and then went on to design for International Greetings. In 2011, Sarah left the corporate world to pursue her work in art licensing and book illustration. She was always passionate about working for herself and running her own business.

She spent several years illustrating kids books for various publishers through Red Fox Literary such as Penguin Books and Random House. She also licensed art to gift and stationery companies like Hallmark, Piccolina Kids and American Greetings who sell goods internationally.

Sarah co-owns the company Craftedmoon with her husband Scott, specializing in eco-friendly stationery and gifts for the crafty homebody. They have more recently launched a school division of the brand called School for Misfit Makers. Sarah specializes in teaching Adobe Photoshop, ink techniques and Procreate. With teaching, Sarah loves to empower people to see their potential in working in the arts and how they can make a living doing what they love. When she is not teaching, Sarah designs fabric for the prestigious new brand called Ruby Star Society, who is a division of Moda Fabrics. Designing fabric is Sarah's biggest licensing passion.

Sarah is a new mother to two bright young women, Willow and Violet. She and her husband enjoy Halloween and love dressing up as a family with the kids. Sarah loves animals, black coffee and making people laugh.


Review of the week:


Love love love!

I’m absolutely soaking up all the amazing and thoughtful advice that Bonnie shares in this podcast. She is one of the big influencers in the boss babe community that I feel like I can FULLY trust, and who genuinely wants the best for me. I’m learning so much from the wealth of knowledge she shares and if you’re wanting to start an artistic, creature future for yourself, or further your art career, this will be a great podcast for you to listen to!

I’m putting everything I can into practice so my husband and I can quit our construction job and have job and location freedom together!

I listen at work, covered in itchy insulation, all bundled up and freezing, wearing an uncomfortable respirator so I don’t inhale mold fumes, or fiber glass… and this podcast just gives me such hope that we can change our career and be happier and healthier!


—Jennifer Johnston


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