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Episode 26: The Art of Gathering Inspiration

creative entrepreneurship inspiration Feb 02, 2023
The Art of Gathering Inspiration with Bonnie Christine

How to Source Inspiration Unique to You

No matter what you create, the art of gathering inspiration is a key skill that will set you and your work apart. Not only can our inspirations help us develop our signature style, but it can also contribute to how we feel as artists. Inspiration is truly everywhere, and in this episode we’ll be diving deep into the art of gathering inspiration for anything you create as an artist and creative entrepreneur. When you actively look for inspiration, even ordinary things become infused with possibility and potential. So put your inspiration goggles on, and let’s dive in!

How to find inspiration away from the screen

  • Many people may source inspiration through online platforms like Instagram or Pinterest. But finding inspiration this way can feel overwhelming and lead to results that feel similar to what’s already out there, even when not a direct copy.
  • My favorite way to gather inspiration: Put yourself in front of what inspires you and you’ll create work that is a direct reflection of your soul.
  • Gathering inspiration can also help you savor the memories attached to it, enriching your life and your work.
  • As part of our career, we have to spend time behind a screen, but gathering inspiration pulls us out of that and to allow us to experience the world more than anything else.
  • What if you can’t get in front of your inspiration? Become a student of the subject and seek as many sources as you can—go to the library or museum, work from imagination, seek out historical or scientific documents, etc.
  • It’s important to identify what actually inspires you and also document it well so it’s ready for you when you need it.

6 Ways to Gather Inspiration:

πŸ“Έ Take photos

πŸŽ₯ Take videos

🌿 Collect items

πŸ“”Preserve items

πŸ“ Document your memories

πŸ“š Explore through research

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Review of the week: 

Motivating and Helpful

I’m thankful for Bonnie’s podcasts. They have helped me get back into business planning after a slower year with a new baby. There are so many specific great ideas on organization, which I need to progress in my business. I love that she speaks with creativity in mind since I am an artist myself.



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