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Episode 25: The Weeds & Seeds of Growing a Creative Business

creative entrepreneurship inspiration mindset Jan 31, 2023
The Weeds and Seeds of Growing a Creative Business with Bonnie Christine | Bonnie tending her garden

How to Shift Your Mindset Around Common Creative & Business Struggles

When pursuing big creative dreams, we all tend to struggle with many of the same stumbling blocks. And though we may feel alone in our struggles—we aren’t. After noticing these common issues amongst myself, my students, and my peers, it led me to identifying what I call the weeds and seeds of creative entrepreneurship. If we let them, the weeds can choke our creativity. But as we learn to identify them, we can quickly pluck them and replace them with seeds. In this episode, I’m sharing not only the weeds that pop up for so many of us, but also the seeds–the solutions that help us continue to make progress on our goals and sustain our growth.

With the concept of weeds and seeds,
we can take control
and make progress in our creative journey.

Download the Weeds and Seeds

Beautifully illustrated, you can print and turn these into cards to reference whenever you’re struggling.


Identifying weeds and seeds on your journey

  • By identifying the WEEDS in our life and learning to turn them into SEEDS, we can continue growing in our creative businesses.
  • Weeds: The things that choke our creativity such as overwhelm, fear, imposter syndrome, perfectionism, not feeling like we have enough time, or technology learning curves that all love to stop our progress and stall our ability to see with clarity.
  • Seeds: The solutions that help us continue to make progress on our goals and sustain our growth. They are abundant and beautiful and help us embody practices like slowing down to take things one step at a time, researching when we feel overwhelmed, and letting our unique perspective shine.


Review of the week: 

So Inspiring and Encouraging!

I’ve been in this business for decades and Bonnie’s energy and excitement for surface design is contagious! A must-listen!!



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