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Episode 24: 10 Lessons Learned from a Year of Creating

business planning creative entrepreneurship mindset Jan 26, 2023
10 lessons learned from a year of creating with Bonnie Christine, surface pattern designer sitting at computer

When you’re first starting out as a creative entrepreneur, you might feel frustrated that you’re behind. It can be tempting to rush through the early stages, or wish that you are further along. But the truth is, we all start at the beginning—and if we embrace it and go deep into learning and refining our skills, we reap the benefits that will lead to a more rewarding and impactful creative career and a stronger business.

In this episode, I’m sharing 10 lessons learned during the year I spent doing nothing but creating. No matter what creative industry you’re in, this episode will help you understand the lasting impact of taking the time you need when just starting out.

The progress is slow—as it should be.

Lessons learned from the early season of my creative career:

  • By embracing this early stage of your creative journey or career, you can explore and experiment, give yourself permission to make “bad work”, and you can shift your mindset around the gap between where you are and where you’re going. 
  • This time allows you to create the beauty you want to see come alive in the world—you have to love the work and not just create what you think you should. 
  • If you can appreciate where you are now, this will impact every area of your business for the better.
  • Developing a new skill feels good and it takes time to find success or develop a style, but you’ll find clarity along the way and new doors will open to you.



Review of the week: 

A Great Find for Creatives

This podcast is so well done. The topics covered are useful regardless of where you are in your creative journey. Bonnie is personable and open about her path and processes. The length and frequency is perfect to give you insights and inspiration along your creative journey.



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