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Episode 22: 15 Ways to Create Income with Your Creativity

art licensing business creative educator creative entrepreneurship Jan 19, 2023
15 Ways to Create Income with Your Creativity

The inspiration behind this episode comes from a huge project we’ve been working on at Bonnie Christine called 60x60: Where 60 successful artists, illustrators, and surface designers share how they create income from their artwork in just 60 seconds. As I worked with all of these incredible artists who were willing to share with you all, I began to think about all the different ways that I've used my art or my creativity to create income over the years. In this episode, I’m sharing 15 different ways that I've used my creativity to create income over the last decade—and I hope that it inspires you and brings you clarity around creating a career with your art or creativity.

This episode compliments our latest project: 60x60! 

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15 ways I’ve created income with my creativity:

  1. Licensing 
  2. Art Prints
  3. Commissioned work (logos, websites and brand packages)
  4. Digital goods (e-books, printable art prints, clip art, brand style packages, fonts, sewing patterns, coloring books, SVG cut files, video tutorials, and more)
  5. Print-on-Demand (POD)
  6. Handmade Markets 
  7. Online Shop 
  8. One on one coaching / mentorships
  9. Portfolio reviews
  10. Speaking
  11. Articles
  12. Teaching
  13. Memberships
  14. Retreats
  15. Affiliate marketing

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Review of the week: 

Excellent content! Helpful, informative and motivational great freebies!

Over the last ten years, Bonnie has developed an impressive array of business insight and expertise through hard work and hard knocks. She is a gifted teacher with a huge heart, as demonstrated time and again through her willingness to share her knowledge FAR above and beyond what anyone might expect a virtual mentor to bestow upon potential competitors…especially FREE!

I have been following Bonnie for years and have benefitted from several of her courses, but it’s amazing how much more I’ve already learned from just a few episodes of this podcast. If you are a creative and/or an entrepreneur and have not yet tuned in, do yourself a favor, SUBSCRIBE and listen TODAY!



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