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Episode 15: My Predictions for 2023

business creative entrepreneurship teaching Dec 20, 2022
My Predictions for 2023 on the Professional Creative Podcast with Bonnie Christine

In this episode, I’ll be sharing some trends I’ve observed in creative entrepreneurship in 2022, and things we’re leaning into in my business as we head into 2023. I hope you'll be inspired to look ahead and make some positive changes in your business in the coming year as well!

“We’re really ready to connect with people on a deeper level.”

My predictions for 2023 and how we’re incorporating them:

  • Leaning into vulnerability–Connect with people on a deeper level by telling stories, lean into your values, and admitting when we make mistakes.
  • Sharing your secrets—Openly share resources, sharing our numbers, and encouraging our community to do the same.
  • A movement towards heartfelt marketing—Default to generosity, ask how we want someone to feel after they interact with our content, share with transparency
  • Obsessing over the success of your audience—Create a success path to measure progress, filter every new project through the question of “How does this help our audience find success,” and feature our students’ work and stories as much as we can and celebrate their success!
  • Creating a value-driven workplace—Enable learning budget for growth and development, allow for high flexibility, and company and team giving.


What are your predictions for 2023? DM me on Instagram and let’s have a conversation!


Review of the week:


You did it again!

How is it that everything you do you do with such brilliance?! Great job on this podcast! Thanks for continuing to share your knowledge!


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