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115: Think Like a Successful Creative

intention mindset successful creative Jan 30, 2024
Think Like a Successful Creative with Bonnie Christine of The Professional Creative

We talk about and hear about growth mindset a lot these days. But what we don’t hear enough about is how a successful creative thinks! We can’t change the way we think if we don’t know what to shift to. So today, we’re talking about what it looks like to think like a successful creative. It’s about more than just positive thinking; it’s about challenging those doubts and questions that we all have and choosing empowering beliefs instead. I’ve been there myself. I have realized that every turning point in my career was a direct result of a mindset shift. And that’s the good news. We can make a shift! With a little bit of intention, we can change the way we think.

In this episode, learn the common limiting beliefs of creatives and how these beliefs hamper our creative output and success. You’ll also hear about ways we can overcome these limiting beliefs through embracing a new mindset. When we shift from dreaming to doing, remember that the journey is 1,000 miles, but it starts with a single step

Take a moment to answer these questions:

  • Identify any negative self-talk. What negative phrases do you find yourself telling yourself and how might they affect your confidence and creativity?
  • Challenge your assumptions. What assumptions are you making about your own abilities or the creative industry as a whole that might not be true?
  • Revisit past experiences. Are there any past experiences that have shaped your current mindset? 
  • Future fears. What fears about the future are holding you back? Are these fears based on facts or assumptions?
  • Reality vs. Expectations. How does your expectation of perfection or success differ from the reality of the creative process?
We all have the same doubts and the same questions. It’s what we decide to believe about them that makes the difference.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Common limiting beliefs of creatives
  • The mindsets to embrace to overcome these limiting beliefs
  • Ways to interrogate and change your thinking


Review of the week: 


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