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Episode 11: Why a Podcast

business creative entrepreneurship goal-setting Dec 06, 2022

Behind the Scenes: Why I Started a Podcast

This episode brings you a very in-the-moment behind the scenes of creating this very podcast! If you’re hoping to one day host your own podcast, I’m sharing what it took for me to get this out into the world and the steps I took to get the podcast launched. And even if you don’t aspire to have your own podcast, this episode will still give you insight into attacking a big goal and getting it off the ground.  

“I wanted to be in your ear in a really approachable way.”

Download the Episode Checklist and My Steps to Starting a Podcast


Discussed during this episode:

  • The mission: Why I’m doing a podcast
  • The consumer: Why it’s important to think about who you’re creating something for
  • The start: Overcoming hurdles and what you don’t know
  • The (co)creation: Developing with your audience
  • The launch: The prep, research, and equipment
  • The flow: Systems, team responsibilities, and episode workflow
  • The response: Thank you for how you have shown up for this podcast—I’ve been blown away!

The Survey Questions

  • Name a topic you'd like for me to cover on the podcast
  • If you could ask me any one question, what would it be?

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Review of the week:

Thank You, Bonnie! <3

I am a HUGE fan of Bonnie Christine and am currently working through her 2022 Immersion course! :) I am So Thankful for her NEW podcast because I LOVE being able to hear her encouraging voice while driving or working on other non-creative tasks! :) Thank You, Bonnie & Team! <3

Plumeria Paperie

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