Effective web site promotion services from The Cyber Surfer. Professional web site promotion, or strategic web site promotion, must a key ingredient in your online marketing success planning.

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Web site promotion is perhaps the most important key to a successful Internet presence. Whether you're operating B2B or B2C commercial web sites, offering a service or branding yourself and your practice, you must have effective web site promotion strategies mapped out, and you must devote time EVERY MONTH to promoting your web site!

Web site promotion begins with the search engines and indexes that drive most of the online traffic. These sources are, and must remain, the core of your web site promotion work - nothing else will benefit you as greatly over the long haul! You've built your site around your keywords, optimized each page for a different set of keywords, uploaded your site and checked to make sure everything works. Now start your web site promotion by registering your site's main URL with as many true search engines and indexes as you can find!

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As you visit each site, take note of which sites list only your main URL, and which will allow you to submit more than one page. After your initial web site promotion efforts, you need to keep your listings current - and the best way to do that is to return monthly to those engines that accept numerous pages and submit another page for them to index. Don't 'spam' the engines by submitting a large number of pages at once, or by submitting pages with the same content, or by submitting more often than monthly... Any of these tactics will negate your web site promotion efforts, and could even get your site banned from the major engines! Once you've got the submissions well underway, you can also work on trading links with other sites, starting an opt-in e-mail list or newsletter, etc. For those with a fair amount of time to invest in their site each month, be sure to visit our Internet Marketing Success Store for tools & resources to help you out. If you want truly superior web site promotion results and/or don't have a lot of free time each and every month, let us take care of it for you!

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Assuming you've done everything right to this point, you've now got your web site running smoothly, traffic is building nicely... Now what? Turning those visitors into buyers means knowing how to implement strategic internet marketing tactics!

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