Web site design is the largest component of Internet Marketing success. Your web site design will cause your potential clients to read your message, contact you and buy your products - or simply leave. Maximizing your online Internet marketing success ALWAYS involves professional web site design.

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Web site design is undoubtably the most misunderstood element of today's Internet. As a result, truly effective strategic web site design is almost non-existent! The problems range from those who believe their spouse's 14-year-old neice is an effective web site designer to the big traditional advertising agencies & designers who believe successful web site design can be measured by the number of bells & whistles used - how 'pretty' their final, ultra-expensive, slow-loading behemoth of a web site is...

Web site design differs from all other advertising design & display venues in one fundamental area - Eyeballs! Every other form of advertising comes with eyeballs (audience) built in - a newspaper has it's readers, TV networks have regular viewers, billboards and store windows have passers-by. Why does it cost more for a page in the Wall Street Journal than in the Arkansas Advertiser? More eyeballs! Why does it cost more to run your commercial during the Super Bowl? More eyeballs! Why is a Rodeo Drive storefront more expensive than a second-floor walk-up in Altoona? More Eyeballs!

Strategic web site design for maximum traffic building and Internet marketing success
With traditional advertising the market is bought, so design is the most important factor. With NO eyeballs automatically scanning your web site, strategic web site design has to address traffic-building first and foremost! Survey after survey show the same fact - the bulk of traffic to successful web sites comes from the major search engines. A top ranking search engine placement drives a LOT of traffic - and those rankings usually come from strong meta-tags SUPPORTED BY the web site design! If you don't know the correlation between strategic web site design and meta-tags, don't worry about it - that's what you're paying us for! Now, once the traffic arrives at your site they MUST find a web site that's clean, professional, reasonably quick to load and easy to navigate. Ordering or inquiring should be very easy, and the over-all presentation, content and 'feel' must inspire their confidence. In general, we've found an optimized web site design focus of 75% marketing and 25% design works best...

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