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Strategic Internet marketing tactics can help turn your visitors into clients and turn web site browsers into buyers. The most important rule in successfully marketing a product or service online is to make the buying decision as easy as possible! Make it easy for your prospect to find the infomation they need to make an informed decision, and spell out the benefits they can derive from your product or service. Make it easy for them to order - online or off!

Your Internet marketing efforts will largely be wasted if people don't feel secure in dealing with you. This usually means having certain mandatory components to your site - a clearly stated returns/refund policy and a way to reach you offline are two of the most important! Prospective buyers want to know they can get their money back if your product or service is not what they envision - after all, they can't touch it, feel it or try it on online. And they want to know they can reach you by phone, preferably toll-free, if they have further questions, delivery problems, etc.

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Unless your product is downloadable directly from your site(software, e-books, courses, etc), you'll probably find that toll-free number is your number one source of business from your site. Why? A number of reasons - many surfers won't give out credit card info online, many want to discuss the offer with a live person, and many will call with questions - providing your staff with the opportunity to turn the inquiry into a sale, and the opportunity to upsell your visitors. Also, make sure all charges for delivery & handling are fair and are spelled out in full BEFORE the prospect hits the order form - nothing kills a potential online sale faster than hidden or extra charges showing up at check-out time!

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